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best chainsaw sharpeners

Best Chainsaw Sharpeners – Buy The Best One

By Tools Detail

When you continue to use your chainsaw in the long run, its sharpness will drop. A dull chainsaw will not be able to help you with getting useful work done. That’s where you need to look around for the best chainsaw sharpeners available out there. However, the process of finding the best ones out of chainsaw sharpeners can be quite challenging. That’s why Tools Detail thought of creating a list so that you can pick the best one out of them.

1. Buffalo Tools Chainsaw Sharpener

This model from Buffalo Tools is a fantastic low-cost alternative if you’re new to buying chainsaw sharpeners and do not want to spend a bunch on your first sharpener. The use of plastic components throughout the sharpener accounts for a large portion of the cost reductions, which might cause controversy. Some users did not notice the plastic brakes and exterior since, with careful usage, they didn’t break whereas the sharpener was in use, and because, until sharpening many distinct chains, the stops do not have to be changed after the initial use. Some people, on the other hand, discovered that the plastics stops are, predictably, susceptible to breaking and should be changed out with metal parts from the neighborhood hardware shop. Keep in mind that the sharpener has a 90-day guarantee.

Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Tools Detail Star Rating

The sharpener itself performs an excellent job, but the manual that came with it is quite difficult to grasp, forcing most customers to seek assistance from the internet community.

Although the lack of auto-advance might be unpleasant for people who sharpen regularly or several chains, it is nevertheless simple to get into the habit of drawing the chain.

Of course, anytime you use this sharpener, you must wear a pair of safety gloves. While looking for the best chainsaw sharpeners, you may settle down with this without keeping a doubt in mind.

The sharpener is made to be fastened to a workbench with bolts, which is excellent if you have a designated spot but problematic if the bench is packed. The tool only comes with one blade, but Buffalo Tools sells more grinding wheels at a reasonable price.

2. STIHL 2 in 1 Chainsaw Sharpener

Users who only seldom need to hone chainsaws noticed that this manual sharpening from Stihl strips sharpeners to the bare essentials is ideal. Unlike huge electric sharpeners, which occupy permanent space on a bench, this instrument may be stored when not in use. Additionally, because of its compact size, it may be used in the field for mid-cut sharpening. However, using a vice to secure the chainsaw makes it much safer and simpler to operate than holding this in your lap.

STIHL 2 in 1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

Tools Detail Star Rating

Because it can simultaneously sharpen chain teeth & lower their depth gauge, the sharpener is referred to as a two-in-one tool. Even people who had never polished their own saw before found the sharpener to be quite simple to operate and reasonably quick for a manual sharpener.

Making precise, even teeth all the way around the chain is also made easier with the aid of the provided filing guide.

This sharpener only works with a certain range of chain types and sizes since it is manual. When in doubt, it is important to contact Stihl’s customer care to make sure that it can work for the chain even if it is intended to suit 1/4″, 3/8″, and 0.325″ chains.

3. Oregon 520-120 Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

The big brother of 410, which is our best chainsaw sharpener overall, is the 520 from Oregon. It is especially intended for heavy chainsaw users who own many chainsaws with numerous chains of various diameters and shapes. Thanks to a number of simple adjustment knobs and a self-centering chain vise, the sharpener can be made to fit almost any chain you place on it. Although it may take some experience to completely comprehend these changes, particularly if you want to swap between different chain sizes, the big knobs are simple to turn, and the machine’s various scale bars make it simple to indicate your settings for every chain.

Oregon Professional 120-Volt Bench Grinder Universal Saw Chain Sharpener, for All Chainsaw Chains (520-120)

Tools Detail Star Rating

The sharpener is supposed to be affixed to a workbench, which really is probably not a concern for the sharpener’s target market. However, in a workstation that is already congested, it might be extremely hefty.

It fulfills every criterion of the best chainsaw sharpeners and you can buy it without thinking twice.

Although this sharpener excels in swiftly and uniformly grinding chains, it is not really obvious what distinguishes the pricey 520 models from the very cheap 410 variants. Both machines have 0.4 horsepower motors, 5-3/4″ grinding wheels, and a 3,400 rpm top speed. Both versions include a three-year guarantee, extremely comparable builds, an integrated light, and two extra grinding wheels. The only possible difference between 520 and 510 is that 520 has a heavier-duty construction and a better chain vise, which makes it preferable for those who must sharpen a lot of tools.

4. Granberg G-106B

While looking for the best chainsaw sharpeners, you may consider Granberg products as well. Today’s market is filled with several best chainsaw sharpeners of various forms and designs. The bar-mounted sharpener is an example of such a fashion. According to our research and user evaluations, the Granberg G-106B is the industry’s top bar-mounted model.

Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener, Model# G-106B (Original Version)

Tools Detail Star Rating

Even though it has a manual method, it is quick and simple to sharpen any chain. It is simple to mount and supports various file sizes. It is a sturdy choice made of steel and cast aluminum, so you may use it for several years without experiencing any issues.

Hence, you will not regret the decision that you take to buy it as one of the best chainsaw sharpeners.

Even if there are many alternative versions, there is a reason why numerous individuals continue to choose this bar-mounted variant after more than 30 years on the market. You may alter and modify the file height or tooth length thanks to the design. As a result, you may use it with practically any chainsaw. This type is one to think about if you want your chainsaw’s teeth to be straight and precise.

The unique construction makes it possible to quickly sharpen a chain. Hence, it is quite popular among people who look for the best chainsaw sharpeners. Additionally, it is comparatively light. You may thus bring it with you on tasks. Unfortunately, this fantastic model doesn’t really come with just about any files despite being otherwise wonderful. We think the decreased pricing is to blame for this. In each case, the manufacturer ought to have included files in the shipment. Besides that, it is a great choice that you will like utilizing.

5. Oregon 410 Sharpener

For those who regularly use chainsaws, have a variety of chains on board, or just don’t want to choose one that is ideal exclusively for their specific chain, Oregon has created this adaptable and strong electric sharpener. The sharpener works with a variety of chains, including chisel chains and pretty much any other kind of chain that can be laid over the unit’s railing, including 1/4″, 3/8″, 0.325″, full profile 3/8″, and.404″ pitch links. The modifications to switch among different sorts of chains are simple to use, although it might take some getting accustomed to which modification knobs to turn for specific movement effects.

Oregon Professional Compact 120-Volt Bench Grinder, Universal Saw Chain Sharpener, for All Chainsaw Chains (410-120)

Tools Detail Star Rating

In contrast to being electric, which limits its use to locations with power outlets, the sharpener is designed to be fixed and fastened to a workstation.

It may be attached to a wall or a workbench, but the more solid the platform is, the less likely it is to wobble slightly while being sharpened.

The User’s Manual for this sharpener is rather difficult to understand, especially the assembling instructions. Many consumers indicate that after initially buying the sharpener, they had to ask individuals who had experience with it how to set it up. However, if you get accustomed to it, it will function flawlessly for you.

In order to provide customers peace of mind in the event, there are any problems, the sharpener itself is built to last a lifetime & comes with a 3 guarantee. To keep you honing for a while before needing to buy new wheels, the device includes three grinding wheels. Hence, we can strongly recommend this in the list of best chainsaw sharpeners.

6. Timber Tuff CS-BWM Sharpener

The Timber Tuff Commercially Available Electric Chainsaw Sharpener is intended to be put directly into the surface of a workbench if you have one with enough space for it. This bench-mounted sharpener has a modest but effective motor and may also be attached to the wall or a vise; however, make sure it is fitted correctly to avoid vibration problems.

Timber Tuff CS-BWM Benchtop Wall Mount Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener

Tools Detail Star Rating

3,600 rpm are produced by the chainsaw sharpener’s grinding speed. To sharpen chains with a pitch between 14 and 3/4 inches, it includes three grinding wheels in the sizes 1/8, 1/4, and 3/16 inches.

To keep you sharpening precisely, it includes an easy-to-read adjustment guide.

It also has a see-through safety shield and an integrated work light to make the operation safer and simpler. If you want to work precisely on your chain, you may slant it to either side. Therefore, we strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to buy the best chainsaw sharpeners as well.

7. Dremel Chainsaw Sharpening Kit

When you are searching for the best chainsaw sharpeners, you may also consider going ahead with a sharpening kit. This practical chainsaw sharpens kit is a cost-effective addition to your toolset if you possess a Dremel Multi-Tool, a rotary tool that accepts a broad range of attachments. The Dremel Chainsaw Sharpening Kit comes with a sharpening angle guide adapter, an adjustment gauge, a wrench, two spaces, four grinding stones in standard sizes to match different chainsaw blades, and detailed instructions.

Dremel A679-02 Sharpening Attachment Kit for Sharpening Outdoor Gardening Tools, Chainsaws, and Home DIY Projects, Medium

Tools Detail Star Rating

It is simpler to use this attachment than to manually file the chainsaw blade, but it is not nearly as costly to possess a special sharpener made only for this reason.

You can quickly and effectively restore your chain’s ideal sharpness without a lot of hassle or a lengthy learning curve when you use the proper grinding stone.

The majority of Dremel Multi-Tools, such as the 8000 series, 4000 series, and 3000 series, is compatible with the attachment.

8. Sharp Pebble Chainsaw Sharpening Kit

Your chains can be quickly sharpened using electric chainsaw sharpeners, and this one from Sharp Pebble is an outstanding bargain. The portable electric chain sharpener has configurable speeds ranging between 8,000 to 33,000 rotations per minute and may be used on every standard chain pitch. The tool is simple to grasp comfortably thanks to the soft grip, allowing you to concentrate on maintaining accuracy.

Sharp Pebble Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Kit - Comes with Chain Saw Sharpener Tool, 4 File Size Diamond Sharpening Wheels, Angle Attachment, Wrench & eBook

Tools Detail Star Rating

This chainsaw sharpener has 3/16-, 7/32, and 5/32—inch honing stones that will provide a cutting edge that is smooth and precise. The equipment also has a chain inclination guide for precise operation.

Without ever having to remove the chain, you can quickly sharpen your chainsaw once you get the idea of using this tool.

You can easily work without becoming too bound to the outlet thanks to the six-foot length of the wire. Hence, we can strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to buy the best chainsaw sharpeners as well.

Chainsaw Sharpener Types

Now you are aware of the best chainsaw sharpeners that you can possibly find there. Knowing how an electric sharpener works is important since it differs significantly from a manual one. Although using a manual chainsaw sharpening involves more work, there are other advantages.

Manual Sharpeners

A manual model could appear enough for individuals who just own a tiny chainsaw or who don’t use a chainsaw often. However, manual chainsaw sharpeners are more complex than they first seem. Manual chainsaw sharpeners aren’t only for little instruments, despite the fact that they are the less costly alternative.

Once set up, large, bar-mounted machines may be virtually as rapid and precise as the finest electric chainsaw sharpener and provide excellent accuracy. On the other end of the spectrum, a simple chainsaw file is the actual cost-effective solution, but mastering its usage does take some time.

Electric Sharpeners

A disk-shaped grinding stone (which resembles a circular saw blade without any teeth) is placed into a pull-down head of an electric sharpener after the saw chain is inserted into a horizontal guideline on the base. In order for the grinding stone to establish contact with the chain’s cutting links at precisely the proper front angle, the pull-down head leans and adjusts. To guarantee that the grinding wheel contacts the cutting links at the proper side angle, the guide carrying the saw chain swivels.

Setting the angles perfectly may first prove to be the most challenging step in the sharpening process, but once you’ve got them right, you can quickly sharpen all cutting teeth on a complete saw chain. As a result, people who regularly use their saw turn to an electric sharpeners. Despite the fact that there are also portable battery-powered models available, most electric chainsaw sharpeners remain corded and intended for permanent installation.

Automatic Sharpeners

The best option seems to be automatic chainsaw sharpeners, which are also usually referred to as portable chainsaw sharpeners and need very little work. A fixed sharpened stone is placed in touch with the chain as it runs by fitting all around the end of the chainsaw bar.

Chainsaw blades are bent to fit the sharpening stones, but there is only so much that can be adjusted. Chainsaw owners with several tools may need two separate sharpeners.

Things to Take into Account When Selecting the Best Chainsaw Sharpener

Knowing the differences between manual and electric sharpeners can help you decide which mounting technique is best for your workshop. Based on that, you can shop for the best chainsaw sharpeners available out there. It’s crucial to choose a chainsaw blade sharpener that matches your chainsaw’s pitch and operates at a suitable pace. Keep in mind extra features and accessories, as well as automation and digital technologies.

Hydraulic vs. Manual Assist

Some of the more recent electric sharpeners include hydraulic aid, which locks the chain into position each time you lower the whirling grinding wheel. In this manner, so when the grinding wheel comes into contact, the cutting links won’t move.

This feature is good, but it’s not absolutely necessary. The tool’s manual knob may be tightened to secure the cut links before you descend the grinding wheel if it doesn’t have a hydraulic assist. The procedure is sped up by hydraulic assistance.

Compatible Pitch

The space between a chain’s cutting links is known as pitch, and it is expressed in inches from smallest to biggest. There are five different chainsaw chain pitches: 1/4 inch, full profile 3/8 inch,  0325 inches, low profile 3/8 inch, as well as 0.404 inches. Pitch sizes of 3/8-inch & 3/8-inch low profile are the most popular. These two pitches can be accommodated by the majority of sharpeners. All five pitches will be accommodated by many.

There are many diameters of chainsaw chains. The chain you use most commonly must fit in your sharpener. The pitch of your chain must be known for this. This code is often imprinted directly on the chainsaw’s saw arm.


Sharpeners for chainsaws commonly attach to a wall or a bench. On a big, spacious workbench, bench mounting works excellently, but in a tiny workshop, wall mounting saves room on the workbench. Additionally, wall mounting enables the user to install the tool at or slightly below eye level, preventing the need to stoop down while sharpening several chains. Both a bench and a wall may be used to place certain electric sharpeners.

The chainsaw goes around a flat metal plate that is clamped by bar-mounted sharpeners. Bars or chainsaw blades are the terms used to describe them. Despite being manually controlled, their main benefit is portability. They may be utilized in the field as powered models cannot be transported there.


You may select between a simple electric sharpener that involves manual unlocking and advancing of the chain links and a completely automated sharpener that handles all of the advancing & sharpening once you make the settings to suit your particular chain.

A handful of the newest versions of chainsaw sharpeners employ digital technology to determine the precise angles here on the sharpener. Most best chainsaw sharpeners change with the turning of a knob or lever. These computerized versions include LED readouts and let you enter both the desired cut angle and the pitch of cutting links.

Final Words: Best chainsaw sharpeners

Based on what we shared in this article about the best chainsaw sharpeners, you may go ahead and make your purchase. It will help you to end up buying the best product available out there.