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Best Chainsaw Chain

Best Chainsaw Chain – Topmost Buying Guide

By Tools Detail

Although a chainsaw chain can last you for many years, if you use the chainsaw often, the teeth or cutters may gradually lose sharpness as well as efficiency. The good news is that replacement chainsaw chains are widely accessible and can be found to fit a variety of chainsaw brands. However, not every chainsaw chain is made to work with every job and that’s why you should focus more on getting the best chainsaw chain.

Choosing the best chainsaw chain for your specific chainsaw is crucial, regardless of whether you use it for light-duty operations like chopping firewood or gardening, medium-duty jobs like pruning storm-damaged trees, and professional apiary work. Once you’ve discovered the ideal chain, your productivity will increase, and you’ll be able to quickly cut through any kind of wood. Tools Detail can strongly recommend all these options to anyone who is searching for the best chain for a chainsaw.

1. Husqvarna 20 inch Chain

Commercial cutters, arborists, and those with vast properties to maintain make excellent use of the Husqvarna chainsaw chain. This adaptable 20-inch low-profile chain includes 72 driving links, a gauge of.050 inches, and a 3/8-inch pitch. It may be used with nine various Husqvarna chainsaws, including the 55 and 460 Rancher. This is quite adaptable, and we included it in our list of best chainsaw chain.

Husqvarna 531300441 H-80 Chainsaw Chain, Orange Gray 20 inches, 20 in. - .375 x .050 in

Tools Detail Star Rating

The Husqvarna chainsaw chain was designed to maximize your chainsaw productivity and makes it very simple to cut through virtually any form of wood.

This chain provides you with the highest level of dependability, maximum efficiency, and optimum output using specifically designed X-CUT technology.

The Husqvarna chain is prepared when you are, whether you must prune tree branches as well as cut down a tree.

The chain’s sharp teeth cut quickly and cleanly and are composed of tough, long-lasting carbide steel. You can chop trees with ease because of the chain’s reduced vibration and backlash. On the chainsaw chain, Husqvarna provides a 90-day money-back guarantee.

2. Husqvarna Cadena Chain

The Husqvarna 18-inch Cadena Chainsaw Chain, if you own a Husqvarna chainsaw, offers you incredible tool versatility, excellent design, as well as maximum performance. The Cadena chain fits 17 different Husqvarna chainsaws and has a.325-inch pitch, 72 drive links, and a 0.050″ gauge!

Husqvarna chainsaw chain 18-Inch .050 gauge .325 pitch low kickback low-vibration

Tools Detail Star Rating

The Husqvarna chainsaw chain is extremely dependable and will enable you to achieve the best results possible. It is ideal for arborists as well as people who are using smaller saws in an elevated environment.

While searching for the best chainsaw chain, you may go for this without thinking twice.

This steel chain is tough, strong, and long-lasting, and its razor-sharp teeth are easily cut thru the wood. Given that the Husqvarna saws chain has a limited kickback as well as low vibration design, users will be capable of finishing any venture with ease. You do not need to be concerned about making constant adjustments because the chain fits firmly onto the guide bar.

The saws chain is offered in two bundle sizes—a 2-bundle and a 4-bundle—as well as in black or orange/gray. The chainsaw chain comes with a 90-day money-back warranty from Husqvarna. Hence, you may consider it the best chainsaw chain.

3. Tallox Chainsaw Chain

For anyone who enjoys doing their own home maintenance or who works as an arborist and uses a Stihl chainsaw, the Tallox 18-inch pack of three chains is a great option. If the chainsaw is not slicing as well as it used to, this Tallox chainsaw chain can alter its performance.

This full-chisel saw chain can fit both these machetes that have 18-inch guidance bars and call for just a chain with a.325-inch pitch, 68 drive links, and 0.063″ gauge despite being specifically made for Stihl MS250 chainsaw and MS251 chainsaw.

tallox 3 18 inch Chainsaw Chains .325 Inch Gauge .063 Inch Pitch 68 Drive Links Full Chisel fits Stihl

Tools Detail Star Rating

The Tallox chainsaw chain can be used to chop down a tree, cut sizable logs for firewood, or trim tree limbs.

This chain efficiently cuts through thicker wood with little vibration thanks to its high-strength restrained German steel, hardcore rivets, and pointed chrome-plated teeth.

Also, it puts as little stress as possible on your chainsaw. Most people who are looking for the best chainsaw chain tend to go for it as well.

4. Stihl Chainsaw Chain

The Stihl 2-pack chain is the best chainsaw chain for maintaining trees in residential or commercial settings. The chain fits Stihl chainsaws and has a 3/8-inch pitch, 55 drive links, and a .043-inch gauge. However, it can also be used with other chainsaws of a similar size. The teeth of the semi-chisel shackles are made of strong, long-lasting steel, and they remain sharp for a very long time.

Stihl 3610 005 0055 Pack of 2 Chainsaw Chains

Tools Detail Star Rating

The Stihl chains are indeed very user-friendly and have a smooth cutting force. Even in thicker timber, the guidance bar’s narrow kerf results in a low kickback. On the Stihl website, you can find a Saw Chain Selection and the Identification Chart that will help you choose the correct chainsaw chain size for the chainsaw.

The chainsaw chain pack is covered by a limited lifetime guarantee from Stihl.

5. Oregon D72 Chainsaw Chain

The best chainsaw chain for Husqvarna, Makita, Remington, Stihl and other brands of 50 to 100 cc chainsaws is the Oregon Chainsaw Chain. The D72 chainsaw is a durable model that is ideal for loggers, arborists, farmers, and DIY home repair enthusiasts.

Oregon D72 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain for 20-Inch Bar -72 Drive Links – low-kickback chain fits Husqvarna, Stihl, Dolmar, Jonsered and more

Tools Detail Star Rating

The D72 is very adaptable and can handle both simple maintenance jobs and more difficult ones, like tree trimming that have been damaged by storms.

It contains 72 drive links, a pitch of 3/8 inches, and a gauge of.050 inches.

The steel chain is strong and long-lasting thanks to AdvanceCut technology, professional hard chrome coating, and reinforced steel rivets. You would spend more time sawing and less time tightening the chain thanks to its enhanced design. This chain features a low backlash design and creates minimal vibration, making it extremely simple to operate.

The chain is always highly lubricated by the unique Lubri Tech Oiling System so it can move freely and with minimal resistance. The chainsaw chain is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee from Oregon.

6. Oregon S62T Chainsaw Chain

The Oregon S62T fits a wide variety of chainsaw models, including those made by Craftsman, Echo, Homelite, Husqvarna, Poulan, McCulloch, and Remington. It is incredibly adaptable and you can call it the best chainsaw chain. The 18-inch loop has 62 drive links, a gauge of.050 inch, and a low profile pitch of 3/8 inch. It may be used with comparable chainsaws close to 42 ccs in addition to the chainsaw types mentioned above.

Oregon S62 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain twin-pack for 18-Inch Bar -62 Drive Links – low-kickback chain fits Homelite, Husqvarna, Poulan and more

Tools Detail Star Rating

For chopping down trees on residential housing and for use in expert landscaping projects, this semi-chisel chain is ideal.

A strong, long-lasting steel chain made in Oregon keeps your chainsaw running at peak efficiency. Sharper, more durable teeth are made possible by AdvanceCut technology.

A stronger massive amount of surface is produced by hardened rivets and industrial hard chrome plating. More time will be available for cutting rather than filling, grinding, or adjusting the chain. The S62 has very little vibration and kickback because it was designed for your comfort and safety.

The chain will consistently cut through timber like butter thanks to the clever Lubri Tech Oiling System. The S62T chainsaw chain is protected by a moneyback guarantee of 30 days, and Oregon offers it in 1- or 2-packs.

7. Oregon S52 Chainsaw Chain

Both professional landscapers and homeowners who are required to trim tree branches on their property should use the Oregon S52 Chainsaw Chain. his chainsaw chain is compatible with Craftsman, Echo, Homelite, and Poulan chainsaws. This best chainsaw chain has a 0.50 gauge, 52 drive links, and a 3/8″ low-profile pitch.

Oregon S52 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain for 14-Inch Bar -52 Drive Links – low-kickback chain fits Dolmar, Ryobi, Echo and more

Tools Detail Star Rating

The chain is solid and strong, with hardened rivets as well as industrial chemical industries that strengthen the charged surface.

Additionally, this design minimizes chain stretch and resists wear and tear. 

As a result, you will be able to work more efficiently and devote more time to cutting rather than filling, adjusting, or grinding the chain. Additionally, AdvanceCut technology enables harder, sharper teeth that cleanly bite into a tree branch or log.

Low kickback and little vibration are produced by the S52, which is designed for dependable safety and comfort. Additionally, it has four-way symmetrical tie straps, which make it easier to join chain loops. The chain is kept well-oiled and delivers a smooth, precise cutting action thanks to the unique Lubri Tech Oiling system. The chainsaw chain is available from Oregon in packs of 1 to 4 and is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

8. SUNGATOR Chainsaw Chain

SUNGATOR  3-pack best chainsaw chain is perfect for light-duty tree care or chopping logs for firewood, whether you’re using a chainsaw, or a pole saw. The Remington, Poulan, Craftsman, WORX, Troy-Bilt, Ryobi, Greenworks, and Earthwise models are the only ones for which the SUNGATOR chains are intended. However, due to them.050-inch gauge, 3/8″ pitch, as well as 40 drive links, these chainsaw strings are compatible with other saws of comparable size. Ensure that your sledgehammer has the same specifications. Then you can buy this best chainsaw chain.

SUNGATOR 3-Pack 10 Inch Chainsaw Chain SG-S40, 3 8 LP Pitch - .050 Gauge - 40 Drive Links, Compatible with Remington, Craftsman, Poulan, Worx

Tools Detail Star Rating

The best chainsaw chain provides you with a professional having-to-cut achievement for use on a variety of trees as well as wood types because they are made from intensively developed steel.

The semi-chisel design maintains its sharpness longer than conventional cutters and is resistant to dust and debris. For enduring durability, heat treatment has been applied to each rivet.

Better wear resistance is provided by premium commercial hard chrome plating, and corrosion is avoided by anti-rust oil.

Because of the chains’ low vibration design, which lessens vibration by at least 20%, you can work comfortably.

9. Oregon S33 Chainsaw Chain

The Oregon S33 best chainsaw chain is a great choice for light-duty activities, whether you want to finish up the occasional landscaping work or trim hurricane-damaged trees. The 8-inch chain fits Chicago, Greenworks, Earthwise, or Sun Joe chainsaws up to 42 ccs and features a low-profile 3/8-inch pitch, 050-inch gauge, as well as 33 drive links.

Oregon S33 8-Inch Pole Saw Chain Fits Chicago, Earthwise, Greenworks, Sun Joe

Tools Detail Star Rating

Industrially hardened, chrome-plated links on just this thick metal best chainsaw chain provide higher cutting force due to its durability.

Because of the tougher surface, cutting will take more time while filling, grinding, and tightening the chain will take less time.

As you cut tree branches or small logs, Oregon’s unique Lubri Tech Oiling System will keep the chain sliding along smoothly. The S33 is very simple to use because of its minimal kickback and reduced noise design, which minimizes vibrations by at least 25%. The chainsaw chain is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee from Oregon.

10. WORX 50022070 Chainsaw Chain

The WORX Chainsaw Chain would be the ideal best chainsaw chain for this cutting powerhouse if you recently purchased a new JawSaw to chop up logs or trim hurricane-damaged trees. The 42 chain links and 27 teeth on the sturdy, steel chain have a 1/4-inch pitch. It may be used with Alligator Lopper Black & Decker Chainsaw as well as the JawSaw models from WG307 to WG321. It fits firmly onto all these models.

WORX 50022070 WA0161 JawSaw 6 Chainsaw Chain

Tools Detail Star Rating

The WA0161 is designed to reduce kickback and decrease delay associated with chain sharpening, which enables you to rapidly and safely manage the trees surrounding your property.

The chainsaw chain is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee from WORX.

Two different types of Chainsaw Chains

Several characteristics, including tooth design, how it’s been honed, dimensions, tooth arrangement and many more can be used to distinguish one chain from another. The next section of our guide will cover how to measure the saw chain. Let’s first discuss the various tooth configurations and designs. Joseph Buford Cox created chipper chains in 1947, which are used by all contemporary chainsaws. The C-shaped jaws of wood beetle larvae served as the model for his curved cutter teeth.

The new cheery chains were significantly more efficient at slicing through wood than the older square-toothed “scratcher” chains and required less upkeep because they didn’t wear out as quickly. Additionally, sharpening chipper chains is easier because they require fewer teeth than scratchers. A few adjustments have been made since the 1950s to better meet the needs of skilled woodworkers and lumberjacks. The three primary categories of cutters you can find on modern saw chains are as follows:

Full Chisel

Only experienced lumberjacks, as well as sawmill operators, should use this one because it is the most forceful of the 3. It can easily cut both through hardwood and softwood, works well for ripping lumber, and completes the task a little more quickly than a semi-chisel chain. But because it ages more quickly, sharpening will take longer. Not advised for wood that is muddy or frozen. Additionally, since there is a greater chance of backlash, you shouldn’t employ it for limbing or brushing.


The majority of current chainsaws, particularly those marketed to households and casual users, have this kind of cutter. In contrast to the complete chisel cutter, with a 90° angle between upper and lower plates, this tool has a rounded top plate and a slightly curved side plate as well. Since there is less room for sawdust & wood chips to escape the cut, it cuts somewhat more slowly than a complete chisel. The tooth has a bigger surface area and encounters more resistance while cutting through the material because the topmost layer on the cut corner is rounded down to lessen dulling. This kind of cutter may be used to slice slightly soiled logs and maintain their edge longer. It has an adaptable tooth structure.

How to locate the Best Chainsaw Chain

Design for less vibration and kickback

Vibration and backlash will be as much as feasible decreased by a high-quality chainsaw chain. Whenever the guide bar becomes stuck in a bit of wood, excessive vibration, as well as kickback from the chain, can both annoy you while users work and impair the chain’s ability to cut.


The chain’s fit into the guide bar is described by the gauge, which is the length of the groove. Normal gauge sizes are.063 or.050 inches. An incorrect gauge will prevent the chain from fitting snugly on the shaft. The gauge is shown on the guide bar, just like the pitch. Simply get in touch with the company for further information if you can’t locate it.


Pitch describes the separation or gap between the drive links of a chain. Pitch sizes of 1/4″, 3/8″, or low profile 3/8″ are the most popular. These kinds of chains are perfect for routine household duties or small-scale business operations. For heavier-duty jobs, a.404-inch pitch that is broader is more appropriate. You may get in touch with the manufacturer if the pitch also isn’t shown on the guide bar.

Number of drive links

The drive links, which are found at the bottom of the chain, are what hold the chain to the guide bar. You can easily determine this by counting the drive links on your old chain since the number of drive links might not be indicated on the guide bar.


Some chainsaw chains can fit both of these types of chainsaws, even though the majority of chainsaw chains have been made by chainsaw manufacturers to fit their own brand. Just make sure the string is the proper size for the guide bar on your chainsaw. There are many different sizes offered, including 6, to 20 inches.


A chainsaw chain must be manufactured of high-strength carbide steel or German steel, both of which are robust, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant. Additionally, manufacturers could use chromium plating and strengthened rivets to strengthen the load-bearing surface while reducing corrosion and chain strain.

How can a Chainsaw's Chain be changed?

Make absolutely sure the chainsaw is not running first. Keep your eye off the throttle if you are on the field and engage the anti-kickback link brake. Once the engine is off, place it on a level surface. The side cover, which is often fastened to the chainsaw’s body with a few nuts, must next be removed. For this, a T-wrench is required; often, workers carry a combined socket tool with them. It’s important to note that the chain braking system on some chainsaws is built into the shoulder cover. The side cover will be challenging to remove, even after the nuts have been taken out. Remove the cover after disabling the chain brake. You won’t be able to put it back on if you just rip it off while the chain brake is engaged.

How can a chainsaw's chain be changed

Once the cover has been removed, grab the bar’s nose and gently pull something that sideways and outward to release this same chain tensioner, which will release the chain’s tension. The chain will now hang down, allowing you to remove it without risk. If you scoop up one of the sharp cutters, even a static chain can sever your fingers, so make sure you’re wearing gloves. Find the chain suspense adjustment screw; it will typically be on the side of a modern chainsaw, but some designs have it between the bar and the bucking spikes.

Reduce the strain even further before carefully securing your new cutting chain to the driving sprocket close to the brake drum. Make sure the cutters’ leading edges are facing forward when you stretch the rope out and wrap it over the guide bar. This is crucial since having the cutters pointed in the incorrect way can seriously impair how well your saw works. The cutter blade is tilted to the front back, with a lower, blunt rear and a tall, sharp front with a slanted edge. That edge must be directed toward the front and away from of the engine. At the top of the bar, it turns away from the chainsaw; but, as it descends the bar and wraps around the nose, it begins to face the chainsaw.

Why should you replace Chainsaw Chain timely?

How can you tell if the chain on your chainsaw is becoming dull? What will occur if you continue to use a worn-out chain? The form of debris created when the chain passes through the wood will be the first indication of a dull chain. When using a hacksaw chain, you will produce small wooden chips while when using a dull chain, you will produce finer particles resembling sawdust. The amount of force required to force this same chainsaw into the cut due to its unwillingness to dig in is the second indication of a light chain.

You won’t need to push or exert excessive pressure on a chainsaw with a recently sharpened chain to get it started; the chain would then pull itself through the wood. All you need to do is manage its motion and maintain a tight grasp. It is problematic to force a chainsaw into the wood for two reasons: first, you will exhaust yourself much more quickly, and second, a dull chain renders it difficult to cut firewood as well as buck logs for long periods of time. Second, as you exert more pressure on the chainsaw, the sequence line running along the other end of the bar will be forced to grind closer to and scrape against the rails of both bars. The chain will be harmed, and the bar will get worn out.

Because the blunt clippers slam into the timber instead of whittling away at it, the engine must work much harder when using a dull chain because it is up against more resistance. This also affects the clutch; if you run a dull sequence continuously, the clutch will deteriorate more quickly. So, before you begin cutting wood, make sure this same chain is sharp to avoid wasting time and fuel. A typical semi-chisel chain can be sharpened two or three times before needing to be replaced.

How frequently should I hone my saws chain is a common question. The type of wood you are cutting, how frequently you use the saw, and the chain type you are using will all have a significant impact on the answer, to be honest. An expert lumberjack who regularly saws through oak and maple logs won’t need to sharpen his chains as frequently as someone who only cuts aspen or hardwood once or twice a week.

Final Words

The chain, which acts as the chainsaw’s cutting tool, is put under tremendous strain as it rapidly revolves around the bar. The chain’s L-shaped teeth, however, are the ones that do all the cutting. A chainsaw chain, in contrast to a bandsaw blade, is not a single piece of metal. Even though it resembles a bicycle chain, there aren’t any rollers in between the links. Leaf chains, which are made up of numerous links joined by tie elastic bands and rivets, are used with chainsaws. If you think that your chainsaw chain is dull, make sure that you follow these steps and get it replaced.