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What Is A Sds Drill Bit

User’s Guide: What Is A Sds Drill Bit?

By Tools Detail

Drilling is a task that does not come with second chances. Once you have drilled a hole, it will be there forever unless you cover it with plaster again in case of a wall. Therefore it is integral that you choose the right type of drill bit that will get the job done as accurately as possible. To fulfill this purpose, a new favorite known as the SDS drill bit has entered the market. Most people unfamiliar with the different types of drill bits ask, “What is a SDS drill bit?” To help our readers grasp what is a SDS drill bit Tools Detail has compiled the following information.

Each subheading aims to enlighten readers about what a SDS drill bit is. By the end of the article, you will be very much familiar with a SDS drill bit. Thus, when you actually start using it, there would be no need for a formal introduction. So let’s get to it.

What is a Drill Bit?

Drill bit

Drill bits are cutting tools that are inserted into a drilling machine to drill holes into materials. To assist them in this task, drill bits are made up of steel, copper, metal, vinyl flooring, aluminum, and more. They drill holes by removing the outer layer of materials and going deep into them to form a perfect hole. Drill bits most commonly come in a cross-section design, enabling them to rotate within materials effectively. This ultimately leads to accurate holes. Most drill bit manufacturers sell them in packs. These packs contain varying lengths and sizes of drill bits to assist with the different requirements of a user.

What is a sds drill bit?

One of the most renowned drill bits is an SDS drill bit. These drill bits are carbide-tipped, which is one of the reasons why users rush to buy them. The most ideal application of the SDS drill bit is concrete drilling. One thing to note when using an SDS drill bit is the type of drill machine you are inserting it in. Keep in mind that SDS drill bits will not work with every other drill machine available on the market. It is solely to cater to this that SDS drill machines have been created. Sds Drill machines are the ideal partners of these drill bits. Thus, in order to achieve high-quality results, it is vital to pair an SDS drill bit with an SDS drill machine.

Benefits Of Sds Drill Bits

The answer to what is a SDS drill bit is incomplete without knowing what its benefits are. These exemplary benefits are the major contributors to the soaring demand for SDS drill bits. If you were previously unaware of a SDS drill bit, these benefits would also make you a fan of them. Let us look at each of them in detail.

Long Lasting

The carbide tips of SDS drill bits give them an unbelievably long life. Moreover, there is no threat of overworking with an SDS drill bit. Sds drill bits come in sets of 2 to 7 pieces that can be used according to your requirements. This takes the burden off of other drill bits in the set. Whether you are using them to drill through concrete, metal, or steel, you should be free of any stress that it will wear out soon.


Pack the long-lasting feature with durability, and you get the most anticipated combo ever. The durability of the SDS drill bits comes from the carbide tips, which makes them tougher. This makes them the perfect companions for any work.

How To Use Sds Drill Bits

Now an SDS drill bit may seem very appealing to get your drilling work done but to achieve the finest results, it is also vital to know what you are doing. Most people are unaware of how to function a drill. On top of that, when that drilling machine contains an SDS drill bit, it becomes even more imperative to know what you are getting into.

Step 1: Clean the SDS drill bits

If you have already used the drill bits before and are planning to use them again, it is essential to clean them first. This clears any debris or particles that may be stuck on the SDS drill bit. These unwanted materials can get in the way and mess up your drilling job. They can take up spaces on your SDS drill bit, which may affect its operations.

Step 2: Choose the correct type of drilling machine

The only downside of an SDS drill bit is that it does not perform well when inserted into any standard drilling machine. Therefore, you must get an SDS drilling machine that is made specifically for SDS drill bits to unveil their true potential. The SDS drilling machine gives you two-in-one customization that standard machines fail to deliver. This includes the rotary motions accompanied by hammering action. It is this feature that makes these drilling machines capable of withstanding any work requirement.

Step 3: Insert the SDS drill bit into the machine

If you look closely, then unlike the standard drill bits, the SDS drill bits have tiny square openings on the shank. These openings allow SDS drill bits to fit correctly in the drilling machines. As a result, the chances of fidgeting with them and pausing your work after every second are eliminated. Furthermore, you also do not have to press them while inserting them, as the square openings will allow them to fit comfortably and accurately.

There are no chances of the SDS drill bit twisting inside the machine while drilling because of the firm grip. Thus, you can go about drilling without having to either pause your operations or worry about the drill bit being loose.

Best Selling Sds Drilling Machines

sds drilling machines

To perfectly conclude our series on what is a SDS drill bit, we have presented the top 3 SDS drilling machines to save our readers from the hassle of searching further. Make a note of the following SDS drilling machines, so you have them ready when the time comes.

AOBEN Sds Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

This electric SDS drilling machine has a 13 Amp motor, making it a perfect fit for tough tasks. It has a chuck size that can expand up to 13 millimeters. This allows users to experiment with SDS drill bits of varying sizes. The three switch buttons can be located easily and stand for hammer only, hammer drill, and drill only. The AOBEN SDS drilling machine has a maximum drilling diameter of 1-¼ inches for concrete materials. In the case of metal, the diameter comes down to ½ inches.

DEWALT DCH273B Sds Plus Hammer Drill

This 300W drilling machine tops the best seller charts for SDS drilling machines. Its chuck size can expand up to 20 millimeters, which is the dream for every person who is familiar with drilling machines. The best part about the DEWALT DCH27B drilling machine is its brushless motor. This means that the motor does not require any extra energy supply, reducing your overall energy consumption and prolonging battery life.

Moreover, it has an active vibration control system, significantly reducing vibrations while drilling. This helps users maintain a firm grip over the machines while working and deliver the best results. To supply users with an all-in-one deal, it even comes up with 5 pieces of SDS drill bits as well. These are rock carbide drill bits that can enable tough tasks easily.

Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme

The chuck size of this Bosch SDS drilling machine can open up to 13 millimeters, and the whole machine takes up to 850 Watts of energy. It is a fuel-powered model and offers the standard Bosch 3 modes of operation. These include rotation only, rotary hammer, and hammer only modes. It is also equipped with a speed trigger that allows easy speed changes to give users better control and ease of application in their work. Moreover, the D handle design further enhances the higher control factor and makes it a swoon-worthy drilling machine.

Its 4 flute design assists in dust removal to eliminate any unwanted particles that may become stuck during the drilling process. Furthermore, you will get 5 carbide-tipped SDS drills that provide longevity, toughness, and durability. The size of the drilling machine is not too large and can be stored conveniently without demanding a lot of space.

Final Words

With the what is a SDS drill bit questionnaire coming to an end, we would like to tell our readers to always choose carefully. Just because a drill bit or a drilling machine has a long list of top features, does not mean it is the right choice for you. You must keep in mind your requirements at all times and match them with the description of the articles you are looking for. That is the best way to find the SDS drill bits and machines that would be the most suitable for you.