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Impact Driver Vs Impact Wrench – Which One Is Preferable For You?

By Tools Detail

When you are about to buy an impact driver or an impact drill, you will wonder what the best option available out there to buy is. This is the main reason why we thought of writing this impact driver vs impact wrench comparison.

You could believe that these two categories of power tools are practically the same if you just consider their names. You would be mistaken to believe so, however. There are undoubtedly some parallels between the two categories of instruments, but there are also significant variances. These discrepancies should be understood by any potential buyers. Continue to read Tools Detail in this article the impact driver vs impact wrench comparison, and you will figure out what the differences between these two are.

What is an impact driver?

In the first section of impact driver vs impact wrench comparison, we will help you to learn what an impact driver is all about. The power tool known as an impact drill or impact driver uses an internal impact mechanism to provide significant rotating torque as well as hammering strokes in the axial direction. It is a really helpful tool to have for both experts with years of expertise and amateurs who just sometimes do home renovation projects. So, what does an impact driver really do? You can really drive screws and other components into the material by using an impact driver. The switch can be turned around, and it is an excellent tool for removing screws or other fasteners.

impact driver

They may also be used to drill holes through hard materials. Please be aware that a hammer drill is indeed the best instrument for drilling masonry. View the difference between an impact driver and a hammer drill here.

You may wonder why, precisely, you need to have an impact driver for such tasks when a standard cordless drill would do. Although an impact driver and a cordless drill may theoretically do the same tasks, the fundamental difference between the two is in the tool’s strength and effectiveness. A cordless drill cannot compare to the power of an impact driver. This is so that putting in screws or other fasteners may be done considerably more quickly using an impact driver, which combines rotational force with percussive power.

How to use an impact driver?

Impact drivers provide two functions.

  • Adjust fasteners that need more rotational torque loosened and tightened.
  • To use drill bits with a hexagonal shank to create holes in hard materials.

Imagine driving one long self-threading bolt into hardwood to get a sense of the power differences between the two power tools. It could be difficult to drill in such a big screw with the majority of conventional cordless drills. That screw could easily be driven deeply into hardwood with an impact driver. Another instance would be bolts or screws that were stripped. Regular electric drills often have convulsions when these things happen. However, an impact driver may easily work around a stripped screw.

Finally, an impact driver just outperforms a cordless drill in terms of productivity and efficiency. It is difficult to drive screws with such a cordless drill/driver, and you will quickly get weary. Impact drivers are gentle on your wrists and result in much-reduced tension and tiredness. With a conventional impact driver, you could do twice as much as you could with a typical cordless drill in the time required to install five screws.

Steps to use an impact driver

In the next part of impact driver vs impact wrench comparison, we will share how you can use an impact driver. You just need to follow some simple steps to learn how to use an impact driver. A mechanical impact driver may be quite useful if you need to remove some nuts that are severely stuck and won’t budge.

You use a hand impact driver by carrying out the below actions:

  • instruction manual for an impact driver
  • Attach the tool with the proper socket.
  • Take hold of the object with the non-dominant hand
  • Activate the stuck screw or bolt.
  • Apply downward pressure. Turn your impact driver and the screw at the same time in the desired direction.
  • Use a hammer to strike the impact driver’s upper portion.

Till the bolt is loosened, keep slamming the impact driver with solid pressure and rotating power. By exerting rotating power in the other direction, you may tighten a screw in a similar way.

What can’t you do with impact drivers?

There are a few things that you cannot do with the assistance of an impact driver. As a part of this impact driver vs impact wrench comparison, we will help you understand what they are as well. Since drilling does not require a hammering motion, impact drivers should not be used for any form of accurate drilling. To do this, a power drill should be used.

Additionally, impact drives lack clutches. This implies that it’s very possible to unintentionally overtighten a screw while driving it in. To put it another way, your accuracy and strength are limited when utilizing an impact driver.

Impact drivers are not appropriate for applications requiring a very high degree of output torque, such as removing severely rusted screws or precisely attaching automobile components.

What is an impact wrench?

The next section of this article on impact driver vs impact wrench is to discuss more impact wrenches. For drilling lug nuts and other fasteners that need a lot of rotational energy, an impact wrench, sometimes referred to as an impact cannon, is a fantastic instrument. The technician will come with air-powered equipment to replace the tires when you visit an auto repair company. Yes, the pneumatic impact wrench that creates the unique sound that you will hear when using one.

impact wrench

Screws, bolts, and other fasteners may be tightened or removed with an impact wrench. Impact drivers and impact wrenches both serve the same basic purpose. The level of force and strength that each instrument can produce, however, is what distinguishes them from one another. An impact wrench is much more powerful than either a conventional cordless drill or an impact driver put together. Because no other wrench or tool can remove a frozen nut, corroded bolt, or fastener, impact wrenches are the go-to tools.

Impact wrenches may be run on compressed air or electricity. There are corded and cordless electric impact wrenches available. When compared to impact wrenches driven by compressed air, the cordless version, which solely uses battery power, is less powerful. However, there are some drawbacks to using impact wrenches drawback is that you require a constant flow of compressed air. However, an impact wrench may also be used with a small pancake compressor.

How can you use an impact wrench?

There are a few different ways how you can use impact wrenches as well. They offer a greater generation of rotational torque in comparison to impact drivers. Based on that, let’s get a better idea of how you will be able to use an impact wrench.

  • Impact wrenches are often used to remove or tighten lug nuts in the automotive sector.
  • Impact wrenches are used by the manufacturing and metalworking industries.
  • Both power tools operate using the same basic idea. There are variations in actual use, however.

Impact Driver Vs Impact Wrench – What are the key differences?

Despite having a similar look, there are a few significant variations between these two instruments that everybody should be conscious of. Continue to read this section on impact driver vs impact wrench differences, and you will be able to get additional information about them.

To begin with, they are used in various contexts. The great majority of carpentry, home renovation, etc. tasks employ impact drives. Impact drivers are well-liked by both amateur DIYers and pros of all stripes as a result.

Due to its immense force, impact wrenches are only utilized in a select few specialized vocations. For instance, due to their strength and ability to swiftly tighten or pop out the bolts &nuts used on vehicles and trucks, they are often utilized in auto body shops.

The force of an impact wrench may sometimes be counterproductive to DIY projects. There is a good risk that the screw will be overtightened if an impact wrench is used on the incorrect sort of screw, such as one that is extremely short. Internal connections that prevent over-tightening are available in certain impact wrenches, although they are far more expensive and less popular than standard impact wrenches.

Let’s look into how much power impact drivers, as well as impact wrenches, produce to give you a sense of the significant power difference between them.

The torque output of a good impact driver is around 2,000 in-lbs. In contrast, an impact wrench produces more than 1250 ft-lbs. of torque, or 15000 inch-pounds. That has a power that is more than 7 times greater. Please take notice that the output of such an impact wrench is often indicated in foot-pounds, but the power of such an impact driver is typically given in inch pounds.

Impact Driver Vs Impact Wrench – What do you need?

A specialized tool is an impact wrench. That is to say, the great majority of individuals won’t need it. It is the kind of instrument that ordinarily collects dust until a certain circumstance arises when it is required. As a result, we advise most individuals to use an impact driver rather than an impact wrench. The impact driver will be more useful for both experts and curious amateurs.

We only advise purchasing an impact wrench if you are certain you will be working on a task that calls for such a strong instrument. For instance, vehicle repair businesses, equipment upkeep, sizable building projects, etc. So, if you know you’ll be working on several cars soon, you may want to think about getting an impact wrench since it will make the job much simpler.

How to pick the best tool for you?

Impact drivers are general purpose tools, although impact wrenches are not. This implies that an impact wrench is indeed a better option for specialized tasks than for routine requirements. The likelihood that you’ll really encounter a circumstance where you’ll need to use an impact wrench is low, even if you do decide to buy one.

How to pick the best tool for you

If you need a tool for household chores like putting together a wood cabinet or mending a bed, we will highly suggest getting an impact driver. If you have an impact driver, it is also quite simple to do any house repairs requiring tightening or loosening bolts. Although an impact wrench may be used for these tasks as well, there is indeed a danger you might end up damaging your objects or overtightening the screws if you do. This is due to the device’s increased torque and the fact that it is only appropriate for certain applications.

On the other hand, if you want to tackle a certain task that needs a really strong instrument, you should use an impact wrench. For instance, if you work inside an auto repair shop or are in charge of caring for equipment, you should absolutely invest in an impact wrench. The impact wrench’s strong force makes it simple to remove or tighten nuts used in vehicles or trucks.

How do you decide between an impact wrench and driver?

You may take a number of things into account when deciding which is ideal for your needs. Let’s examine each of them individually. When you go through these factors, you will be able to get extra assistance as in to figure out what option to use among impact driver vs impact wrench. Then you can take a look at appropriate products available for sale out there in the market and settle down with the best one out of them.

Source of energy

Both corded and cordless tools are available to you. For occupations that need you to move a lot, corded versions won’t be appropriate. On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries often power cordless instruments. Despite their long battery life, you still incur the chance of the batteries dying. Additionally, battery-powered tools don’t provide much torque or power. Hence, use corded power tools if you need to undertake high-powered tasks! Make sure that you carefully go ahead with this decision, as it will help you to stay away from hassle in the future.


If you need to use the power drill regularly, take its weight into account.

If you’re not used to using large equipment, I’d advise against purchasing an impact wrench since they are somewhat heavier than impact drivers. You may simply get an impact driver since they can be used to drive screws and operate with nuts.

Additionally, they are lighter and simpler to handle. As a result, if you believe an impact driver would suffice, we advise you to do so.


When you are purchasing something, you should pay extra attention to brand credibility. It is applicable when you try to make a decision out of impact driver vs impact wrench as well. Make sure the supplier of your power tools manufactures high-quality goods. You can’t just keep purchasing new tools since they are so pricey.

Although purchasing an item from a reputable brand may cost you more money upfront, it will save you money in the long term.


Be careful to go through the included accessories before purchasing impact drivers as well as impact wrenches. Remember if you get any additional parts or extra batteries. You will need to account for the additional cost of accessories or replacement parts if you buy a power drill that doesn’t come with any extra accessories.

Safety Options

Safety is a top priority. The motor’s automated power cutoff is one of the safety measures. Whenever the battery is fully charged or the power tool becomes too hot, this occurs. Always select one that has some fundamental safety features. These will lengthen the lifespan of your power tools.

Additional accessories

Power tools from reputable manufacturers are getting new features and innovations. These consist of security components, LED bulbs, in-built Bluetooth technology, and compatibility with mobile phones via apps, which will help you with tracking all operations.

Final Words

Now you have read the impact driver vs impact wrench comparison. Impact drivers or impact wrenches may seem to be comparable instruments at first glance. You can now see there are a few key distinctions between them. What your specific demands are will determine which impact tool you should use, an impact driver or an impact wrench.

In a nutshell, the use of equipment includes jobs around the house. However, if you want a tool for certain operations that demand a significant amount of force or torque, an impact wrench can be your best option.

Although we are aware that the names of both types of equipment are similar, we hope this article has helped you understand the distinctions between impact drivers & impact wrenches. The instrument that satisfies your requirements and desires should be available for purchase at this point.