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Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 Reviews

Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 Reviews: Topmost Buying Guide

By Tools Detail

Are you looking forward to purchasing a reliable and functional chainsaw? Then Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 is a perfect choice. If you can go through Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 reviews by Tools Detail, you can learn more about what this chainsaw is all about and why it is so impressive. While keeping that in mind, learn more about the chainsaw. Then you can decide whether you are going to spend your money to buy it or not?

What is Husqvarna Chainsaw 440?

The Husqvarna 440 is built with the user as its primary focus. It is ergonomic and has all of the most recent user comfort features offered by the corporation, such as an effective engine that guards the user’s lungs by lowering exhaust pollutants. Continue to read this article and we will share more information about the chainsaw. This review is based upon the best Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 reviews. Therefore, you don’t have to think twice before you follow the facts we share and proceed with buying it.

The saw is surprisingly hefty for something that was intended to be portable and nimble. It doesn’t contain the blade and comes in at slightly over 15 pounds. It’s also hard to discern where the weight originated. The 440’s power adjusts perfectly to the duties it is supposed to perform, not middle-sized to giant trees, despite the fact that saws this hefty often pack more punch. It is also obvious that body composition was not the cause of the weight. This saw doesn’t seem very sturdy, which is bad for something that would be utilized in challenging settings

Features of Husqvarna Chainsaw 440

Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 Cutting

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The following are some of the best features:

  • Low vibrations
  • System of Chain Tension
  • Air Purifier
  • Quick Start & Lightweight
  • External Clutch
  • Chain tension adjustment

By going through Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 reviews, we could discover some impressive features coming along with it. Let’s take a look at what those features are:

Low vibrations

A chainsaw that vibrates continuously is one thing I have while I’m sawing a lot. The Low Vibration System on the 440 solves that problem. This system’s goal is to make the user feel less vibration. This translates into less tiredness while using the chainsaw, which allows you to do more tasks.

System of Chain Tension

The Husqvarna 440 Chainsaw offers a variety of special benefits. To begin with, it boasts a straightforward, side-mounted chain tension mechanism that enables you to quickly adjust while working. You will receive this function if you purchase the 440e chainsaw. You won’t receive this function if you purchase a conventional 440, but these days it’s difficult to locate a 440.

You may easily stop sawing and tighten the chain without disassembling the saw if you detect that it is becoming loose. Under the two bolts holding the saw in place, there is one screw. Your chainsaw is ready to use after you tighten all of them using a socket wrench and a screwdriver.

Air Purifier

Don’t you simply despise having to mend your power equipment all the time? After cutting through wood, the 440’s quick-release air filter keeps it from being clogged with debris. This filter, which is assisted by a wind cleaning system, is placed on the chainsaw’s side. Prior to the dust reaching the air filter, this mechanism filters it out. Less time is required on your side for maintenance as a consequence. I think this is a great price!

Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 Cutting

Quick Start

The 440 starts up in a unique manner. With Smart Start, which combines many engine & starting technologies, you push against an air bulb to provide the chainsaw with the necessary power. Reduced draw power is needed to start your engine thanks to the Quick Pull Starting System. All of this implies that starting the chainsaw will need less effort from you.

External Clutch

The 440 has an externally placed clutch that is intended to maintain the saw balanced and fluent while in operation. If any repairs are necessary, you remove the corner attachments to see the clutch. The internal and exterior balance of a chainsaw is important for its reliability.


There is one point on which most of us agree. You will be doing yourself a lot of favors if you can get a powerful power tool that is also portable. You can easily carry the Husqvarna 440 chainsaw around since it weighs just 9.8 pounds.

There are around 10 pounds in the Husqvarna 440. The item is small, measuring 18.4 inches x 12.3 inches x 11 Inches. Actually, 10 pounds is neither too light nor hefty. You can use the saw without wearing yourself out if you have some upper-body strength. I’ve seen individuals with subpar upper-body strength use this chainsaw with relative ease.

This saw is lightweight and convenient to transport around the yard. You may move it about the yard and quickly clean up the backyard. In addition, experts shouldn’t have any issues transporting things to the work site and vice versa. However, when you store the chainsaw, it might take up some space in your garage. But that’s not really unusual. It is an 18-inch chainsaw, after all.

The objective is that you may roam about your garden while using this chainsaw to chop and slash through weeds or undesired limbs. With moderate weight, you may work continuously without experiencing aching muscles when night falls. Both gas-powered chainsaws have the same amount of engine power. Each of them has an X-Torq engine, which enables comparable, quick speeds. The Smart Start function is included with both models as well.

Chain tension adjustment

A T-wrench must be used to change the tension level when using the 440 option. There have been several concerns that the instrument is too tiny and prone to loss. As a result, the business eventually found itself dealing with a lot of demands for replacement.

Owners of the 440E model, on the other hand, strongly commend the fact that it may be changed without the need for any extra tools. Additionally, it lowers householders’ stress levels in high-stress situations. With the 440E model, the user may simply make the necessary adjustments without having to seek the tool. This is another well-discussed point among Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 reviews.

Automatic Lubricator

The 440 also has an automatically operated oiler. Although it is not a movable oiler, it continuously supplies the chainsaw with bar and chain oil as needed. Because my equipment blew a tire or oil, I have had several yard work days destroyed. A chainsaw with an automated oiler should be seen as an added benefit.

Modular Engine Mount

You have more options with the 440 than merely removing the side-mounted connectors to see the outer clutch. On the top part of the chainsaw, there are plastic locks that are simple to remove.

All that is required to remove the locks is your personal labor or the use of a little screwdriver. When this is finished, the engine mount simply detaches. The engine of your chainsaw may then be examined to determine whether it or any adjacent components need repair. It truly is that easy.


Still unsure about giving the Husqvarna 440 a try. Don’t simply believe what I say! We searched the internet and came across some fantastic customer reviews that would reassure you. You may also go through Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 product reviews on your own. All of them are impressive, and you will be able to learn a lot on what this product can offer.


Husqvarna chainsaws also have the advantage of having removable exterior plastic components. This is also true of the 440. The only tool required to remove the screws holding the plastic components in place is a regular star-pointed screwdriver. This feature has received a lot of positive attention among Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 features that you can find out there.

The chainsaw’s carburetor may be malfunctioning if you really are having problems getting the engine to rev after starting it. This carburetor’s advantage is that it is simple to get to if you need to repair it. Getting to the carburetor on certain other brands of chainsaws might be difficult.

Cough Run

You’re undoubtedly wondering now whether the 440 has any safety measures. It’s absolutely about safety with this chainsaw. The 440 features a one-stop Choke Run, or death switch, which you may use in the event of an emergency.

This kill switch is really quite simple. To stop the engine, push down and hold the button in place. To put the engine back in the running position, you release the switch. To choke the engine, you flip the lever upward.

Husqvarna Chainsaw 440

Which Husqvarna model is better, the 440 or 455?

Overall, the Husqvarna 440 is a useful chainsaw that has enough power to handle any outdoor project. The 440 is the perfect tool for you if you want compact equipment. This chainsaw is lightweight enough for you to carry it anywhere without getting tired.

The Husqvarna 455 will suit you better if you really need to remove a lot of wood, such as hardwood or simply a lot of wood in general. Although this saw is $150 more expensive, it won’t let you up so you can cut for hours at a time when the going gets rough. Power is important.

The 440 is a fantastic saw all around. Better is the 455 Invest additional money in the 455 if you have it. The 440 will be doing the trick if not. You can go through Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 reviews, and you will be able to learn a lot of useful information about the product.

X-Torq Technology

The renowned “X-Torq®” technology from Husqvarna is included in the 440. The X-Torq® technology has several uses and is efficient. By using this technology, the saw’s motor uses less fuel and emits fewer harmful gases. As a result, you may save some precious green since less gasoline will be used.

Due to the reduced fume discharge, the environment around you may also breathe easily. On either hand, this X-Torq technology enables the saw’s motor to start virtually instantly when it is pulled. In contrast to most chainsaws, the Husqvarna 440 began in only a few pulls. Because initiating a chain saw might be challenging at times, it is a huge benefit for a chain saw. Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 reviews share more details on this technology.

Additionally, the “X-Torq®” technology has a stop-controlling method that provides the engine’s security and lowers the possibility of oil flooding. The motor lasts longer as a consequence than other common chain saws. However, as a chainsaw ages, the number of pulls required to start the chain might rise. The pull system should function flawlessly if the chains, as well as the pull rope, are routinely oiled.

What is the difference between Husqvarna 440 and 440E?

Both chainsaw types seem to be practically similar at first sight. The 440 weighs around 11.5 pounds vs 9.5 pounds for the 440E, which makes it somewhat heavier. The bars also come in various lengths. The 440E has a 16-inch bar whereas the 440 is often supplied and operated with an 18-inch bar. You can go through Husqvarna Chainsaw 440 reviews and learn more about it.

Final Words

The 440E does not have an adjustable function, but the original 440 model has. One place where the newer model did not provide a more expensive alternative is this one. The Husqvarna 440E is more expensive than the 440 option because of the added advantages it offers. Each chainsaw in Husqvarna’s 400 series is an improvement over the one before it.