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how to untangle a chainsaw chain

How to Untangle A Chainsaw Chain

By Tools Detail

Chainsaw Chain has become knotted after being stored? No need to panic; with a little patience, it won’t take over fifteen to twenty minutes. You will learn how to untangle a chainsaw chain if you stick with me and read all the way through.

Untangling a chainsaw is a simple operation that may be difficult. People frequently store chainsaws, but when they do, they run into a lot of problems. Either it becomes twisted, or it becomes corroded, in which situation you have to replace your chainsaw. So, allow Tools Detail to walk you through these straightforward methods on how to untangle a chainsaw chain.

Take Appropriate Safety Measures

Starting the operation requires that you have the appropriate tools and safety precautions on hand. To place the chainsaw chain on for detangling, you must have a level work surface. Protective chainsaw gloves are the second item you need. To prevent injuries, it is vital to wear safety gloves while using a chainsaw since the chain has numerous sharp blades.

Oil for lubrication is also necessary as you proceed with learning how to untangle a chainsaw chain. Your chainsaws will get tight when you store them because of minor corrosion. The chainsaw is hard to move and detach. You need oily lubricant for this so that you won’t have to employ force that might result in a significant problem.

You must also put on a set of safety glasses. Before beginning any such job, protective eyewear should be worn since the eyes are particularly sensitive. Additionally, get some tools like a screwdriver, a wrench, and some pliers. You have to be knowledgeable about the tools appropriate to the chainsaw type you own.

Steps on how to untangle a Chainsaw Chain

Whereas if a chain is twisted and attached to a chainsaw, first remove the chain from the chainsaw. Using a plier, screwdriver, and wrench, you will do this. If necessary, lubrication may be used to make removal simpler.

Next, set the chainsaw chain just on the table’s flat top. To make the chain easy to disentangle, soak it in oil. Your chainsaw chain would be soft and rusty after being soaked. The chainsaw chain may now be readily untangled. Let’s go to the procedure itself now. Hold the chain between two opposing loops and let it drop. At this point, you may be able to totally disentangle your chainsaw chain.

If not, you’ll need to put in a little more effort. The chainsaw chain should remain on the table as you combine smaller loops into larger ones. Once this fusion process is complete, check to see that the loops are folding the other way. You will end up with two loops upon fusion. Flip the loops in opposing directions after obtaining them in opposite positions. Your chainsaw will be completely knotted when you spin the loops. You have now completed the untangling procedure.

Another approach to untangle chainsaw chain

Few scenarios are as unpleasant as working with a stretch of sharp fangs that won’t act as expected. Chainsaws don’t have blades; instead, they have a chain thought up of many little teeth that have been honed. Fortunately, there is a tip for untangling a chainsaw chain, whether it is brand-new or used. You’ll question why you didn’t even think of it sooner. Chains from bicycles also work with tricks.

Take hold of the twisted chain by its two opposing loops, holding one in each hand. From those places, let the remainder of the chain hang straight down. Taking the slack from the hanging chain, make the loops as big as possible while still holding them in both hands until each loop is approximately 3 inches wide or wider.

chainsaw chain

Holding the loop in your hands, raise the lowest portion of the hanging chain. Chainsaw chains are stiff, so the lowest hanging portion will stick straight like a plank until it is vertical. You merely need to hold onto the loops with your hands to effortlessly control their movement. The loops on your palm will be below the lowest point of the chain when it is pointing straight up. The lowest point of the chain will descend and slip through the loops due to gravity, untangling the chain. Once the whole chain is untangled, repeat the process using pairs of loops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions that you will get when you are trying to untangle a chainsaw chain.

How can I untangle a chainsaw that I've stored?

The chainsaw chain has to be sufficiently lubricated so that it becomes supple, and all of the rust is gone. You shouldn’t use a chainsaw with a jammed or hard chain since doing so will harm the chain.

How can a fresh chainsaw chain be untangled?

The process for untangling a fresh chainsaw chain is the same as for an old one. There won’t be much difficulty, which is the sole difference. You may not even need to grease it. However, since a fresh chainsaw chain’s tooth blades are sharper, you should use extra caution while untangling it.

Does the chain need to be oiled before being untangled?

Yes, lubricating the chain is important before using it. This is due to a variety of factors. The chain might be harmed when being untangled without lubrication, which is the most frequent and important cause. In order to prevent tangles, it is advised to lube the chainsaw chain beforehand.

Final Words

From this article, you got a better overall understanding of how to untangle a chainsaw chain. You can follow any of the approaches that we recommended and untangle your chainsaw chain. The main takeaways from this are how to totally disentangle a chainsaw chain at home. we hope that this post gave you the advice and instructions you needed to untangle a knotted chainsaw chain.