how to cut down trees in animal crossing

How to cut down trees in Animal Crossing

By Tools Detail

You’ve probably come across a few trees you’d prefer not to be in the line of view if you’ve been busy racing about your island attempting to produce Bells to repay Tom Nook. Fortunately, you can take them out or, if you like, reposition them. We’ll demonstrate how to either cut down trees or simply dig them up and transfer them in this tutorial. You can follow Tools Detail in this tutorial on how to cut down trees in Animal Crossing and follow the steps so that you can get a better gaming experience at the end of the day.

What is Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing is a popular simulation game available out there. Nintendo is the developer behind this game. You will be able to find a perfect social simulation experience when you are playing this game. In other words, the game offers a large number of activities for you to engage with. Bug catching, fishing, and fossil hunting are to name a few amazing experiences that you can find in the game. You will be able to engage with those activities in the game and get a fun-filled experience.

Since the initial release of this game back in the year 2001, it has been quite popular. This game contributed a lot to the popularity of Nintendo gaming consoles as well. Continue to read this article, and we will be sharing more details with you on how to get the most out of Animal Crossing, which is cutting down trees.

What can you find in Animal Crossing game?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives you more customization options and tools than ever before so you can design your town exactly as you want it. It used to take time and careful planning to arrange your oaks as well as Douglas firs (or, technically, cedars) and patience as your seed grew into a sapling and then finally took root into a fully-grown fruit-bearing tree.

In Animal Crossing, however, things move considerably more quickly. You can now quickly uproot a tree with your shovel and move it anywhere you like, even if it’s only one square to the left. There is absolutely no reason to axe them to death! Continue to read this and we will be sharing more details with you on how to cut down trees in Animal Crossing.

How to cut down trees in Animal Crossing?

Players will necessitate the Axe, which should not be confused with Flimsy Axe or even the Stone Axe, in order to cut down trees. The axe is the sole tool that can be used to cut down trees. Players must purchase the Pretty Decent Tool Recipe worth 3,000 Nook Miles in order to get this. Once you’ve given Tom Nook all 5,000 Nook Miles that you have due for visiting his island, you can only do this.

When you have the axe, striking a tree three times with it will cause it to fall and just leave a stump. If you want the stump removed, it can be dug out. You’ll need to have a shovel, which would be also included in the previous discussion of the Pretty Decent Tool Recipes if you’d want to keep the tree but move it out of the way. After consuming some fruit to increase strength, dig into the tree using the shovel. Now you may replant it anyplace you want to dig a hole.

Step by step guide on how to cut down trees in Animal Crossing

Now you have a basic idea of how to cut down trees in Animal Crossing. To make your life easy, we thought of sharing a step-by-step guide on how you can do it as well. Make sure that you follow these steps, and you will be able to end up cutting down any tree in the game.

  • Grab your axe and arm yourself.
  • A simple, flimsy axe cannot be used to down trees. It isn’t powerful enough. Either an Axe, Stone Axe, or even a Golden Axe is required.
  • Put yourself in a position opposite the tree you wish to cut down.
  • With your axe, strike the tree three times. You can hit on A in order to use the axe and get your job done. 
  • The tree will topple over and vanish after the third strike, leaving a stump in its place. A stump that has been left behind will always remain a stump; the tree would never recover.
cutting trees with axe and saw

Why Do Trees Get Cut Down in Animal Crossing?

Now you know how to cut down trees in Animal Crossing. Along with that, it is also worth understanding why you should be cutting down trees in the game. There can be numerous reasons why you will come across the need to cut down trees. Here are some of the main reasons why you will come across the need to cut down a tree in Animal Crossing.

For obtaining the fruit that is hanging from of the tree.

You may do this by repeatedly striking the trees with your axe; however, the tree does not need to be cut down.

To remove wood bundles from the tree.

Up to three piles of wood will develop after each time you strike the tree with your axe. You can get several types of wood or the same one.

Leaving a stump

Stumpy surfaces provide for enjoyable sitting, and certain bugs exclusively settle there, making them simple to collect.

to make room. When a tree is cut down and its stump is removed, you may plant flowers, install items, or even construct dwellings where the tree once stood.

What is the Animal Crossing: New Horizons method for moving trees?

You can simply move a tree by eating fruit and utilizing a shovel if it’s one that you want to retain but think would be preferable in another area, even if it’s only one square away.

Shifting Trees

In earlier Animal Crossing games, you were required to cut down the tree and then plant a new one where you wanted it. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, not so!

You must first consume a fruit piece if you want to transfer a whole tree or bamboo. You’ll get superhuman strength as a result, and you’ll be able to use your shovel to sweep them up. When a tree is dug up, it will comfortably fit in your pocket or inventory, just like all the other large pieces of furniture you have with you. Neat! Finding a new home for it is all that remains to be done.

A counter that may reach a maximum of 10 will display in the upper left corner of your screen after you’ve consumed a piece of fruit. This fruit meter indicates how many trees or boulders you can demolish before your “strength” returns to normal. Simply dig up all trees and replace them, or use a toilet, to drain the meter. Yep.

Moving Trees

A tree that has been planted and is still growing may be moved by simply removing it with a shovel. Don’t worry, because won’t ruin it as you may have in earlier Animal Crossing games. It will be easy for you to pick it up and place it in your pocket.

How to get wood in Animal Crossing?

Quit laughing in the background! Ahem. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, wood is obtained from trees much as in real life. Woods in Animal Crossing: New Horizons consistently produces all three kinds of wood, which is a departure from reality. You get it by using an axe to strike the tree.

However, a decent axe will only allow them to resist two blows before the third one brings the tree down. If you don’t want to unintentionally cut down a treasured fruit tree, keep this in mind. Ironically, you’ll obtain three lots of wood from each tree if you employ a flimsy, stone axe to harvest wood since such axes aren’t powerful enough to chop down trees no matter how frequently you swing at them.

The main drawback is that the fragile axe lives true to its name and will quickly crumble under usage; if you want to gather wood from every tree on your island, you’ll need to create multiple of them or upgrade to the Stone axe for more durability. In the game, a variety of goods, including essential tools, exotic furniture, and more, may be made using the three kinds of wood that are readily accessible.

Final Words

Now you are aware of the steps on how to cut down trees in Animal Crossing. You are also aware of the reasons why you should cut them down. If you come across any such reason, you can proceed to follow the steps we shared, and you will be able to cut down any tree.