Echo cs 310 review Chainsaw

Echo CS 310 Review: Topmost Buying Guide

By Tools Detail

Echo CS 310 is a durable and high-quality chainsaw available for purchase in the market as of now. Anyone who wishes to buy an impressive chainsaw from the market may go ahead and own this. It will never let you down. If you want to get additional information before you buy the chainsaw, you can go through this Echo CS 310 review by Tools Detail.  Then you can decide whether the amount you spend to purchase the chainsaw is worth it or not.

What is Echo CS 310?

As the first thing of this Echo CS 310 review, let’s explore what this chainsaw is all about. This is a great little chainsaw that you can have around your house. That’s because it allows you to get most of your work done at home. For example, if you want to cut thinner logs for your fireplace or fit pit, you may think about using the Echo CS 310 chainsaw without keeping a doubt in mind. Continue to read this Echo CS 310 review and make sure that it is the best product available for your purchase out there.


With an average cut time of just under 5 seconds, the Echo chainsaw quickly chopped through our test wood. Its noise level, nevertheless, was around 90dB. Nevertheless, if using a chainsaw, you must always wear hearing protection. The body of the chainsaw, made of plastic and metal, is just 8 pounds. These materials make a saw light and manageable, yet they may flex under stress. Continue to read and we will share more details on its performance from this Echo CS 310 review.

Echo CS-310-16 30.5 cc Chainsaw with 16 in. Bar and Chain

Tools Detail Star Rating

We cut down a yard that was overrun with dead trees, stumps, half-dead plants, and more with the chainsaw.

And on a hard, dried-out cherry tree stump, where most of our wired models labored severely, the Echo sliced through anything in its route with reasonable ease, impressing us.

The testing team’s ultimate conclusion for this chainsaw was that “they are more professional versions, not for usage around the home,” as one tester put it. All the features of the Echo will be appreciated by experts, enthusiasts, and regular users, but for the adrenaline junky who just wants to get rid of a shrub in his yard, it’s overkill.


Our lab team evaluated this saw, and they had a few stuff to talk about it. One tester praised the priming bulb’s positioning, saying that it was “handier than the Husqvarna.” It’s simpler for you since you don’t have to press the trigger and prime it, according to another tester.

They also made comments about the cutting power it generates. One noted that this model’s 30.1 cc engine “seems not so strong as the previous two.” Not a horrible saw, however. But that wasn’t enough to make them bitter. Echo has a rapid ignition mechanism similar to the i30. Each chainsaw was fired up the first time right out of the box. We timed how long it has taken for each one to turn on with just one chord pull; the Echo required four. The Husqvarna only required three tries, whereas the Poulan Pro required seven, making this a respectable but not the quickest time we witnessed in our test.


We can’t proceed with the Echo CS 310 review without sharing more on the engine. A device specifically designed to transform one kind of fuel into kinetic energy is called an engine. It is in charge of managing an appropriate cutting experience. The cutting experience won’t be good if the tool motor isn’t powerful enough.

Echo cs 310 chainsaw engine

As was already indicated on the specification table, the chainsaw has a 30.5 cc engine. So, you have a long time to appreciate this great engine. In addition, a chrome-plated cylinder lengthens the engine’s lifespan. Higher air filtering is also provided by the robust air filter. The Echo CS 310 chainsaw is, in fact, a strong instrument for any undertaking.


We will now talk about the weight in this Echo cs 310 chainsaw review. For every piece of motorized machinery, but particularly for chainsaws, it is essential. But you need a light instrument for cutting wood or anything else.

Most intriguingly, the chainsaw weighs only 6.4 pounds. Therefore, it is not as large as other chainsaws. As a result, we can rank it as the top lightweight chainsaw on the market. You may use this lightweight chainsaw for any job. You can work effectively for a long time without becoming tired. Additionally, this power saw is more portable due to its lighter weight.


Chainsaw Echo CS 310 has a framework with a striking orange hue. You can see this from any Echo CS 310 review on the internet. It’s possible that you won’t notice the unusual patterns if you encounter this chainsaw. But it seems like regular equipment to you. However, if you pay great attention, you will see all of the lovely details.

Similar to the double cannon, the magnesium crankcase operates. The durability of a barrel is increased by one side. The other barrel, however, will result in lighter items. Additionally, the adjustable grip-driven oiler uses less oil. You can only take advantage of all other exclusive chances with the greatest structure if you purchase the chainsaw!


The great news is for you if you are worried about the upkeep. No special maintenance is necessary for this chainsaw. You simply need to deal with the standard model maintenance. First and foremost, make sure you properly read the user handbook. Always maintain sterility and keep sawdust away from the chainsaw. Make an effort to apply chain oil as required.

Additionally, check the chain to make sure it has the right tension and sharpness. When honing the chain, use caution. These requirements are also crucial for the chainsaw’s safety. So these are the important maintenance-related details you should consider. There isn’t a specific process or approach to follow other than this.


The first thought that comes to mind when you want to purchase any power equipment is safety. It is among the top priorities for any chainsaw. Without a doubt, the Echo CS 310 saw is equipped with the greatest safety measures. We are all aware that chainsaws may be hazardous tools if not used properly.

Echo cs 310 chainsaw safety use

A chainsaw should also include certain fundamental safety measures to eliminate any potential risks. And from a safety standpoint, this chainsaw is the ideal instrument. But the first step toward safety is you. As a result, as a user, you should always wear a helmet, goggles, and protective earplugs. Boots, gloves, and pants should all be worn as well.


The Echo CS 310 chainsaw comes with a 5-year consumer guarantee if you buy it for regular usage. Additionally, the guarantee for business services is good for a full year. A 90-day rental warranty is also included. The guarantee serves as a testament to the model’s dependability.

Why should you purchase Echo CS 310?

Echo CS-310-16 30.5 cc Chainsaw with 16 in. Bar and Chain

Tools Detail Star Rating

You should think about a few things before purchasing a chainsaw. Which are:

  • Get the finest performance and quality chainsaw you can.
  • To complete the work, choose a cutting edge with a lot of strength.
  • Know the kind of saw that need.
  • Choose a power saw but if you’re a heavy user.

As you can see in this Echo CS 310 review, the chainsaw is a fantastic lightweight alternative that you should look at if you’re seeking for another choice. It is lightweight enough to keep your dexterity at 8.8 pounds of dry mass. it will be much heavier when you fill up the chainsaw with gas. The CS-310, however, has a little larger engine than the CS-271T, our bargain selection, with 30.5cc.

This saw is ideal for limbing dead or standing trees and clearing undergrowth. It’s unlikely that you would use this to chop down a tree or block many cords of wood firewood. For it, a larger saw is required. To be fair, however, this is a very nice saw.

The anti-vibration handle of the CS-310 is another great feature. By doing this, use-related operator tiredness is reduced. With this paradigm, there is still space for advancement. We truly wish the CS-310’s air filter and spark plugs could be accessed with the same ease as other versions like the CS-400. Don’t get us wrong; accessing them isn’t difficult. They just cause more trouble than they should.

Final words

So, the Echo CS 310 review is the main topic here. This machinery starts easily and is lightweight. Additionally, it is a good chainsaw for experts, power tool enthusiasts, and rural homeowners.

In addition, it is simple to maintain as it is a gas-powered chainsaw. The 14-inch bar has the strength to cut through anything. The bar, on the other hand, is compact enough to store in a garage. Although the 30.5 cc engine is little, it has enough power to tear through the wood. It maintains the fuel economy as well.

In reverse, the chain has to be adjusted often to prevent leaping. However, the saw is a fantastic tool for you. So, let’s go to work and have fun with this gardening beast!