Circular Saw vs Jigsaw

Circular Saw Vs Jigsaw – Which One Should You Choose?

By Tools Detail

Circular saw vs jigsaw has been a century-long discussion most DIYers and woodworkers engage in. Whether or not they arrive at a conclusion is debatable. The insane competition in the market requires users to choose the best tool available in the market. What makes this task so hard is the display of the finest tools you can use for wood cutting. Two such tools: the circular saw and jigsaw, confuse buyers to the extent that it becomes hard for them to choose one.

To make this task easier, Tools Detail has presented all the good and bad points of the two options. You can weigh the information presented below that will help you find an answer to the circular saw vs jigsaw maze.

What is a Circular Saw?

A circular saw is used for cutting different types of wood and other materials. This is made possible with the help of an abrasive blade surrounded by an arbor. The blade moves in a circular motion making deep cuts where and when required. It gives users the option to attach different blades to the tool so as to cut other materials as well. These include metal, masonry, etc. Circular saws are a convenient option not only for experienced woodworkers but also for DIYers in the market.

Circular Saw

What is a Jigsaw?

A jigsaw is not only a powerful tool but is also very sharp in its performance. The most excellent part about a jigsaw is its ability to cut curves. This means that you can cut several complicated shapes and patterns with a jigsaw. The opportunities with a jigsaw are endless because of the vast array of designs you can experiment with. A reciprocating blade instilled in a jigsaw enables it to cut in different shapes. While wood is the more dominant material for a jigsaw, it can also cut through metal and other materials.


Circular Saw Vs Jigsaw: Benefits of Using The Two Tools

A particular product’s benefits often prompt a buyer to purchase it. Let’s dive into the benefits of the two tools and see who wins the circular saw vs jigsaw battle.

Benefits of a Circular Saw


When purchasing a circular saw, you are not only adding the machine to the cart but also the versatility it can offer. A circular saw is not confined to the standard cuts a tool can make. A few examples of its majestic cuts include a bevel cut, plunge cut, finishing cut, and a lot more. But that is not an end to the features of a circular saw. It can even aid in more demanding duties like cutting heavier and more robust materials.


The blade of a circular saw has a longer life owing to its carbide-tipped exterior. Another factor that results from this is the increase in cutting speed. Since these blades do not wear out soon, they can speed up the cutting process for a long time. Other than that, you can also save on changing costs which in turn saves wasted time.

Ease of Portability

One of the main reasons why a circular saw is such a popular tool is its portable nature. This means you do not have to pause operations because you are away from your workspace. You can even carry it to your house and resume working there.

Benefits of a Jigsaw

Ability to Cut Curves

It is infrequent for woodcutters to find tools that can effectively cut curves. Jigsaw is the only available cutting tool in the market that promises to cut materials in curves. If you are concerned regarding the precision of the curves, then do not fret anymore. The fine quality of the curves is what makes a jigsaw such a desired tool for many users.

Portability + Cordless

When accompanied by a cordless feature, a portable tool brings the deadliest combination to the table. It is this combination that has people flooding the markets to get their hands on a jigsaw and avail of its supreme features.

Easy to Use

A jigsaw does not require considerable effort to keep it in place for the cutting to be accurate. This makes it a viable option to be used by people of all age groups. Moreover, it also takes away the possibility of users accidentally injuring themselves in the cutting process. It also removes the experience requirement allowing anyone to try their hand at it.

Circular Saw Vs Jigsaw: What Makes Them Undesirable

We have already proved why the two tools are such worthy options to buy. However, the circular saw vs jigsaw discussion is incomplete without mentioning the undesirable points between the two. This can warn you about what not to expect and things to look out for when making a decision.

Circular Saw vs Jigsaw: What Makes Them Undesirable

Drawbacks of a Circular Saw


While a kickback may seem like a common phenomenon for a wood-cutting tool, its chances with a circular saw are much higher. Kickbacks can put users in grave danger, especially when the material finds its way to their eyes.


Circular saws are known to emit enormous amounts of dust and noise while in operation. Not only does this potentially harm the environment, but it can put your health at risk too. Thus, it is advisable that people with asthma or other respiratory problems should not use a circular saw.


A circular saw requires a large investment for its purchase. This makes it inadvisable for users who are just starting wood cutting.

Drawbacks of a Jigsaw

Slow Speed

A jigsaw can considerably compromise the speed which you would require to get the job done. As a result, you must hold the jigsaw in your hand until the cut finally starts to show. This can lead to time wastage and can also cause arm sprains. Moreover, in order to get the cuts of your choice, you have to make repetitive cuts for them to fit the criteria of an adequate cut.

Weak Blade

A major problem of a jigsaw lies with its blade. The blade of a jigsaw cannot resist strong cuts. Thus, soon after making a few cuts, you would find that the blade has either shifted position or become desynchronized with the tool. This takes away the possibility of making precise cuts and achieving the desired level of accuracy.

Miss Out on Cross Cuts

A cross-cut is one of the basic cuts involved in wood cutting. However, with a jigsaw, this cannot be possible. Even if you try, the cut you will likely achieve will be nothing similar to an actual cross-cut. This leaves little room for experimentation for users.

Circular Saw Vs Jigsaw: Best Seller Edition

Nearing the end of the circular saw vs jigsaw chat, it is vital that you see what the hot sellers are for each category. This means that once your decision has been finalized -which at this point is typically the case- you do not have to search for a classic model matching your choice. You can take a look at our best-seller edition and choose the circular saw or jigsaw model that fits you the best.

Circular Saw Best Sellers

Best sellers circular saw

Skil 15 Amp 7-¼ Inch Circular Saw

This 15 Amp Circular saw is the perfect choice for when you want to speed up the cutting process. Its motor is capable of delivering 5 300 RPM enabling high speed. The 7-¼ inch blade is carbide-tipped and is accompanied by a spindle lock so that users can conveniently change blades.

In addition, its bevel system can expand to 51 degrees to add variety to the types of cuts that can be created. To enhance vision, it comes with a dust blower. This keeps dust particles away from the line of action. As a result, you can easily move in the direction you want without your vision being blurred by dust.

Worx WX429L 4 Amp WORXSAW 4.5 Inch Circular Saw

The Worx WX429L circular saw has the most user-friendly design to date. The 4-½ inch exterior enables users to carry it around and use it efficiently and easily. Its bevel system expands to 45 degrees, and it can cut 2 inches of lumber as well. Apart from that, it can cut metal, tiles, and plastic materials.

Its lightweight is its best feature which allows users to use it with one hand only. The other hand could be used to hold the material properly so that the finest cuts can be made. The thin blade maintains the tool’s lightweight while allowing it to work faster.


The 2-inch blade length of this mighty circular saw allows users to cut around 369 linear feet up to ¾ inches. It comes with a removable handle which users can attach as per their convenience. This provides enhanced control for users so they can concentrate on making the neatest cuts.

In addition, it also has a hook for hanging. This means that users do not have to worry about carrying around the circular saw. You also have access to a 1-½ inch trigger that can be pulled with your finger. The trigger allows for a choke-up of the tool when necessary. The circular saw’s bevel system is also exemplary. It can expand to 90 degrees and cut materials up to 2 times the thickness.

The fact that it has an electronic blade means that you can stop motion at any time. This can be useful when something goes wrong or you get injured. The dust port provides dust control to keep any unwanted particles in the air at bay.

Jigsaw Best Sellers

Best sellers jigsaw


This jigsaw has the most elevated curve control technology that offers 4 customized settings according to the user’s preferences. The motor has a speed of 5 Amp, which takes the RPM to 3000. Bevel cuts can be made to an angle of 45 degrees. For further stability to accommodate these bevel cuts, you will find an adjustable shoe in the tool.

Its non-marring pads prevent your material from getting any unintended scratches or marks. But that is not its only function. It is also used to keep the material intact so the work can be done firmly. Users do not have to stress about messing up the design due to a hazy grip. The sturdy grip design takes away any chance of such a mishap from happening.


This 20V battery-operated jigsaw is the ideal choice for the finest cuttings. The motor of this DEWALT model works for more extended periods adding to the efficiency of the tool. It has 8.25 x 1.75 x 6.38-inch dimensions, which allows users to maintain a firm grip throughout the cutting process.

A notable feature concerning this jigsaw is the LED lights. These lights are bright enough to sufficiently illuminate the surroundings so that users do not have to strain their focus. With the speed trigger, you can easily control the varying speed limits according to the job.

RYOBI One+ P5231 18V Lithium Jigsaw

This one-of-a-kind jigsaw offers 4 orbital settings that you can alter to make the cuts of your choice. This, too, has a built-in dust blower to clear your surroundings for crystal clear vision. If you are working in an environment with insufficient lighting, you can use the jigsaw’s LED lighting feature.

In case of blade wear out, you can use the blade saving base to make use of blades that have not been utilized yet. This can prove to be beneficial in cases where spare blades are not available, and the work needs to be completed.

Final Words

While the circular saw vs jigsaw faceoff was tough, only one tool will make it to your final shopping list. With the provided benefits and drawbacks, you can analyze which tool matches your work criteria and gives you much more than what you bargained for. Lastly, make sure that the tool you choose is worth the price tag posing on it.