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Best Jigsaw Machines of 2024

By Tools Detail

Are you looking for the best jigsaw machines of 2023? Don’t worry, Tools Detail this article got you covered.

Jigsaws, which are electric saws with blades that plunge vertically, aren’t given nearly enough credit for their versatility. 

Indeed, it doesn’t cut as quickly or as powerfully as a circular saw, and mastering it may be a bit of a challenge. 

Despite this, skilled carpenters, woodworkers, metalworkers, and even do-it-yourselfers are aware that reaching for one of these powerful instruments may make a variety of cutting chores much easier.

Although the primary function of the jigsaw is to cut curves, it can also easily cut timber to the desired length, make holes and other forms in materials such as plywood and plastic, and cut to the desired length.

The versions that are available now are more lightweight, powerful, and adaptable than ever before.

This buying guide will assist you in selecting the best jigsaw for your various tasks, whether they are DIY or professional.

Best 5 Jigsaw

What You Should Look for in a Jigsaw and How to Choose the Best Jigsaw?

Jigsaws manufactured now often have a much wider range of available features compared to those manufactured in the past. 

These features might include a selection of cutting speeds, degrees of aggressive cutting, amperages, and power supply choices. 

Certain choices make perfect sense, while others can be an extra bell or whistle that a do-it-yourselfer doesn’t need.

Types of Jigsaw

Jigsaw puzzled? No surprise! Here is the information you need to know about how various models compare to one another in pursuit of your best jigsaw.


Straight-reciprocating jigsaws are often found in older versions and in newer alternatives that are lower in price. This indicates that there is no deviation in the route that the blade takes and that it simply moves up and down.

In comparison to a table or circular saw, a jigsaw’s cutting speed may be sluggish, but it has the advantage of being able to make highly precise turns and generate curved cuts. 

All contemporary jigsaws come equipped with a zero orbital option, and each model that we evaluated had configurable switches that allowed the orbit, and hence the level of aggression, of the cut to be adjusted.


These orbital-reciprocating jigsaws feature a blade stroke that moves slightly forward in addition to its circular action. On the upstroke, the blade is inclined forward, which allows for faster removal of waste wood compared to a straight-reciprocating jigsaw. 

The operator will often turn a switch on the side of the saw into one of (normally) four different settings to engage the orbital-reciprocation mode. 

These saws can cut more quickly than straight-reciprocating ones but at the expense of precision and agility. On top of the wood, there will also be an increased amount of tear-out, which refers to fragmented wood that chips up along the cutline.

Top handle:

Conventional jigsaws feature a top handle that is tall and big and is fashioned like the letter D. 

The saw is activated by a simple finger trigger that is located within the hand loop. The height of this grip increases lateral leverage, which makes it easier to tilt the saw and leads to poorer precision. 

However, it is easier to get a hand around it than other grips. Even though the choice of the handle is a matter of personal opinion, persons who have smaller hands will often have an easier time handling saws that have top handles.

Barrel Grip:

Jigsaws are available in a variety of forms, the most recent of which is the barrel grip, which enables users to keep their hands closer to the material they are cutting. 

This may lead to an improvement in control, reducing the likelihood of tipping the saw and skewed movement of the blade. In place of finger triggers, these versions often use thumb switches. 

DIYers and professionals who perform a lot of cutting “neath the table,” which is when the blade faces up while following a line, will often find that having a barrel grip makes these activities simpler to do.

Corded and Cordless:

The vast majority of power tool manufacturers provide both corded and cordless models of the same tool, and some of them even produce cordless models with varying voltages (i.e., 18- and 12-volt). 

In most cases, the purchase price of a corded jigsaw is much lower than that of a cordless one. The vast majority of manufacturers sell cordless saws in two distinct configurations: as kits that include a battery and a charger, and as bare tools that do not come with either a battery or a charger. 

The latter makes it simpler to incorporate the item into your current collection of cordless tools, allowing you to make use of the batteries and chargers that you already have. 

Cutting through exceptionally dense woods such as oak or walnut can quickly deplete a battery’s capacity, so woodworkers should investigate corded power sources whenever possible.

Battery-powered versions are the best option for on-site work such as the construction of decks and pergolas.

Amperage and the Speed of the Cut of a Best Jigsaw

The amount of power that a jigsaw tool can draw without causing damage to the motor or other internal components is referred to as the amperage rating. 

In general, the more amperage a jigsaw tool has, the more demanding tasks it can do. 

The majority of contemporary jigsaws have an amp rating between 5.0 and 7.0.

Every jigsaw has a pressure-sensitive trigger or an adjustable dial that allows the user to choose one of many different cutting speeds. These power tools also come with speed ranges that can be adjusted, beginning at somewhere about 500 strokes per minute (SPM) and going all the way up to 3,000 to 4,000 SPM at the very highest setting.

Cabinetmakers, woodworkers, and metalworkers will almost certainly appreciate tuned speed control since it produces consistent output.

It is possible that a do-it-all jigsaw equipped with a pressure-sensitive trigger would be a better option for the DIY workshop that can accommodate a variety of projects since it is more flexible and requires less effort to go from one task to another.

Blade Type & Material of a Best Jigsaw

T-shank and U-shank are the two different styles of jigsaw blades that are available. 

T-shank blades are used in the best jigsaw because they are simple to install (most of the time without the need for tools) and provide stability even while cutting intricate curves and ornamental patterns. 

Saws with a U-shank necessitate the use of additional equipment for blade replacements, which has led to a significant decline in their use since the development of T-shank blades.

In addition, there are three distinct kinds of materials that are employed in the production of the best jigsaw blades:

  • Blades made of high carbon steel are readily available at a low cost and function admirably for the majority of building tasks. These blades are pliable but quickly lose their sharpness.
  • Carbon steel is used in the production of bi-metal blades, while high-speed tool steel is used for the teeth. Manufacturers. They are flexible, yet the blades keep their edge for a longer period.
  • Tungsten carbide is used to make the blades of the most long-lasting jigsaws. These blades are pricey, but they can withstand high temperatures well.

Safety Features in a Best Jigsaw

In the great scope of power tools, the best jigsaw provides a relatively minimal risk for harm, but they do come equipped with a few features that make them easier to control and hence safer to use. 

One of the most important components of power tool safety is visibility, which is ensured by the onboard LED lights found in many jigsaws. These lights shine on the cutline, allowing the user to see exactly where they are making cuts.

Additionally, there are safety mechanisms that the user is required to depress before applying pressure to the trigger. This eliminates the possibility of the trigger being pulled accidentally.

These buttons are normally positioned on the handle of the saw, within easy reach of the user’s thumb. With a single depress of one of these buttons, the user can turn on the saw.

Added Advantages and Functions of the Best Jigsaw

In addition to the amperage, speed, and safety elements, other aspects might make a jigsaw more practical, handy, or user-friendly.

Dust control:

The best Jigsaw does not generate nearly as much sawdust as other sorts of saws, such as circular saws, miter saws, table saws, or other types of saws. Instead of reducing the material to dust, jigsaws remove pieces from the material. 

However, these pieces have the potential to drop on the cutline, which may make visibility difficult. As a result, some versions have dust blowers that sweep tiny fragments away from the cutline. 

Even while jigsaws don’t tend to make a lot of mess, if you want your workspace to be completely free of sawdust, you should seek a model that can be attached to a shop vacuum.

The mechanism for changing the blades:

Having a quick-release blade retention system makes changing the blades an easy task. These devices contain chucks that are filled with springs and clamp down on the blade shank to secure it in place until the operator replaces the blade. 

The blade could only be removed from prior systems by using hex keys, therefore this represents a significant advancement.

Size and weight of jigsaw:

The use of the best jigsaw normally does not require considerable effort; nonetheless, the tool’s size and weight are factors that should be taken into mind. 

The majority of jigsaws weigh far less than 10 pounds, with some versions weighing as little as 5 pounds or less. In addition, there are jigsaws available with barrel grips, which allow for a more compact design than versions with top handles.


Some best jigsaw includes ergonomic features that minimize vibration and increase grip, such as rubber over-molded handles. 

Because of the user’s handedness, they can choose a comfortable hand position thanks to the thumb-activated speed adjustments and several trigger locations. 

For example, there is one trigger position on each side of the saw.

Top Picks for the Best Jigsaws of 2023

1. Skil 4395-01 & Skil 4495-02

SKIL is the manufacturer of two very affordable jigsaw machines. Because there isn’t too much of a difference between them, we’ve opted to evaluate them together. 

The only real difference between the two power tools is that the Skil 4495-02 is equipped with a laser for making straight cuts and a motor power of 6 Amps. Other than that, they are almost the same.

Skil 4395-01 & Skil 4495-02

Tools Detail Star Rating

Both are instances of a simple jigsaw that include some additional features to provide a more enjoyable experience for the user.

However, it does give a little more power and adaptability while maintaining its price tag of less than $50. They have higher ratings and a lot of great reviews, so you should consider using them.

To begin, the power comes in at 5.5 to 6 Amps motor, depending on the model, with speeds reaching SPM of up to 3250.

It should be sufficient power to readily cut through substances such as hardwoods, press boards, plywood, 2x4s, and other similar materials. 

It is perfect for a broad variety of tasks, including decking, other chores around the home, and any upcycling or pallet projects.

Capabilities for cutting:

  • 1-3/8 inches for hardwood
  • 2-1/4 inches of softwood
  • 1/2 inch of aluminum

On top of that, an orbital setting will allow you to modify the degree to which the material is sliced based, not only on the stuff that you are working with but also on the cut that you’d like to produce (curved, straight, etc.).

The Positive:

It includes toolless blade changing and is compatible with both U and T blade shanks, much like previous types of jigsaws. The working process has been made simpler by the addition of a few elements, such as a sturdy foot system that enables sliding forward the footplate to facilitate beginnings that are steadier and under control.

This function is incredibly beneficial. This feature allows for more of both. Because of this, it may be extremely difficult to ensure that the base is aligned properly with the material.

An additional feature that has been included is a tool rest that has been custom-molded to avoid the blade from causing damage to the material.

These saws have a more substantial weight to them. This may become a problem while working for longer lengths of time; nevertheless, they were not designed to be used often. In exchange, you will get powerful tools that are built to last and have low levels of vibration.

It also allows you a little more effortless use than the standard jigsaw.

Additionally, the softer-grip handle provides both control and comfort, making it an overall superior tool. On-tool blade storage offers an extra level of convenience, much as the Skil 4290-02, and it also poses the risk of the same issue (jamming of the jigsaw blade).

The Negative:

The majority of inexpensive electric jigsaws only feature one blade wheel guiding. This is a major drawback.

What is wrong with it? 

Because of this, the blade tends to wander away from the vertical, which means that the cut won’t be correct at 90 degrees with the surface. This is particularly the case with thinner blades since it leaves an excessive amount of slack.

Another disadvantage is that there is no lock-on button at the highest speed setting, which may be inconvenient since you’ll have to maintain constant pressure on the trigger to maintain the jigsaw operating at slower speeds.


This particular type of jigsaw is very basic and comes from the orange and black brand which has just found its way into the market. 

It’s still a very basic jigsaw, but it has a few added features that have helped it become rather popular in its price category.


Tools Detail Star Rating

It would help you well for building projects with pallets, like racks for wine, and would be perfect for basic craft projects.

On the other hand, if you have a very limited budget or just require a jigsaw occasionally for simple jobs, the BDJS300 might be the right choice for you.

It’s equipped with an amazing motor of 5 Amp that can reach 3000 SPM at varying speeds (strokes per minute). When fitted with the appropriate blade, it can make clean cuts through a wide variety of materials, including wood, PVC, laminate aluminum, and other metal.

Using the same device, but without changing the blade, makes it easier for you, and you may use either a U or T shank.

The orbital action feature combined with the technology of curve control is what differentiates this model. It enables the user to modify the level of severity of the cutting process.

The Positive:

By pressing the trigger, which locks in place at the fastest possible level, the speed may be adjusted. In my view, this makes it much simpler to handle, especially because you can decide how slowly or quickly you can cut.

The orbital action control feature is large and well indicated, and it has the capability of being adjusted to one of four different settings thanks to the technology of the curve control.

Therefore, if you want to make straight cuts, you should use setting number 4, which is an aggressive one, but if you want to make cuts that are curved, you should use setting number one. Even once you’ve begun cutting, it won’t take you long to have everything set up.

Changing the setting on the saw is as simple as pausing it.

If you’ve never worked with power tools before, you won’t be frightened by this machine at all. It is simple to grasp, making it suitable for both males and females, and it has a nice grip along that absorbs the vibration, making it suitable for longer periods of usage.

It is not very heavy, has a good balance, and is strong enough to be used for long periods without becoming uncomfortable.

If you are ever required to make a bevel cut, it also enables bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees. The plate for the base is rather big, which contributes to its increased steadiness. Additionally, the inclusion of the wire guard boosts safety and makes it simpler to identify the cuts.

The tool-free blade changing is the subsequent important characteristic. It is fast, has a high level of intuitiveness, and has a firmly gripped blade. To use this saw, you will need blades with a U or T shank.

This particular kind of jigsaw includes a slot to attach the vacuum hose; nevertheless, you will most probably require an adaptor to use it with the vast majority of vacuum cleaners sold in the United States.

The Negative:

One really can’t think of too many negative aspects of it. The volume and vibrations, in addition to the obvious bevel adjustments, are likely to be the most significant differences, just as they were with the BDJ300C.

In contrast to the SKIL jigsaws, adjusting the angle of the bevel is not an operation that can be accomplished without the need for additional tools; rather, it involves unscrewing a few screws both before and after the adjustment is made. So it’s a little disappointing.

Is it really the best jigsaw when one’s choices are constrained by a limited budget? Almost certainly not. However, this will have to do.

3. Bosch Jigsaw

This Bosch entry-level one is one of the best jigsaw that offers one of the greatest values for the money in the market today. 

It is constructed very well and offers a wide variety of outstanding functions at an affordable cost.

Best Bosch Jigsaw

Tools Detail Star Rating

You will have access to a robust motor that draws 6 Amps and has variable speeds ranging from 500 to 3100 SPM.

The accelerator trigger, which is located in a trigger, is responsible for controlling operating speed while the speed dial in the trigger determines the maximum speed.

This jigsaw has a capacity for cutting softwood of 2 11/16 inches, a cutting capacity for aluminum of 3/8 inches, and a cutting capacity for mild steel of 3/16 inches. It can cut 5/4 red oak without binding while making crisp cuts in even the toughest woods.

It also has an ergonomic top handle and a two-finger trigger for a comfortable grip, in addition to the 4 orbital actions setting that is quite common for various cutting tasks; an aluminum gearbox; and a well-insulated cover.

The Positive:

You want a decent jigsaw to have ample power, and the ability to change the pace at which it operates and the JS260 won’t let you down in this regard at all. The trigger for acceleration is a fantastic addition that might come in extremely helpful because it allows you to modify the pace and move ahead at the maximum speed that you have set.

A low-vibration design and a dust blower are also included with the purchase of this jigsaw. Both of these features work together to keep your cuts clean. The makers of this tool made it their mission to ensure that its purchasers had a positive experience while using it.

Using a toolless blade changing mechanism makes changing the blades simple and quick. The clamp will automatically release the heated blade once you twist the lever that ejects the blade. Even though this is fairly fantastic, some users have reported experiencing some minor troubles with the discharging function.

Despite its low weight, this jigsaw boasts a sturdy construction and an unwavering sense of reliability. The low-vibration design that was discussed before contributes to its excellent balance and the fact that it does not vibrate an excessive amount.

The dual bevel adjustment on the heavy-gauge steel footplate may be adjusted to a maximum of 45 degrees by using the Allen key.

The Negative:

There just isn’t much to gripe about. 

The blade slot will accommodate blades with a T-shank but not a U-shank kind, and the guard for the splinter is difficult to set up.

Unfortunately, this jigsaw doesn’t come with a port for dust since the sawdust blower works very well.

Aside from that, it is a robust, strong basic corded machine from Bosch offering very detailed and smooth cuts.

4. Bosch JS470E & Bosch JS470EB

Check out these two versions from Bosch if you’re in the market for a high-quality professional jigsaw machine. You won’t be disappointed. Because it has a lot of power and a lot of fantastic features.

Best jigsaw Bosch JS470E & Bosch JS470EB

Tools Detail Star Rating

These two jigsaws are essentially the same instrument, although in a somewhat different form. The top-handle version of the Bosch is known as the JS470E jigsaw, while the barrel grip variant is known as the JS470EB. Since both, other than those, have identical specs, we decided to combine my thoughts on them into a single review.

To begin with power, both include a powerful, big and heavy-duty motor of 7 Amp. Both of them also have variable speeds.

With this much power, you’ll be able to cut almost anything with ease., be it plywood of furniture-grade quality to solid oak or engineered hardwood.

Constant Response Circuitry is something that Bosch designed to guarantee that you can maintain your intended speed. With this circuitry, you will rest assured about performance variations or accuracy again.

In addition, each of these jigsaws has four different settings for the orbital motion, which allows for smooth as well as forceful cuts in a wide range of materials. Able to cut through wood up to 5-7/8 inches and aluminum up to 7/8 inches, while they can cut through mild steel up to 3/8 inches.

They make it possible to cut thin gauge metal and wood with ease, and they can manage cuts that are curved in steel that is 10–12 gauge with just a little bit more work than that.

The Positive:

The maximum speed settings are controlled by the speed dial that is located on the rear of both the jigsaws. In the version with the top handle, the operational speed is controlled by an extra accelerator trigger.

Because of this function, it comes in useful to adjust the cutting speed while you are using the machine.

In the version with barrel grip, the off/on switch is located on one side, and won’t adjust the speed of cutting while the tool is in use. If you use your left hand more than your right, the switch location may provide a little challenge for you.

You’ll be relieved to know that the Bosch JS470E includes a lock-on ambidextrous button, which means that you’ll utilize the locking function for steady, lengthy cuts that prevent fatigue. In this instance, you’ll be delighted to hear that.

If you want to make bevel cuts, you may change the angle of the robust die-cast foot aluminum with a steel insert so that it is between 0 and 45 degrees on each side.

Because the sturdy footplate and commercial-grade design can endure even the most severe working circumstances, including droppings that force the equipment to rest on the footplate arm, you’ll rest assured about your tool getting damaged in the process.

After doing the in-depth study, we concluded that certain users seemed to have issues while attempting to cut angles of 45 degrees.

This was brought in the attention by the technical staff at Bosch, and as a result, they retested a large number of tools that had been randomly selected from the shops to ensure that they were cut precisely.

After doing a comprehensive investigation, a few users determined that the real bevel can go up to 48 deg, which means that this might be a cause for the issue with cutting at 45 degrees. When adjusting the angles of the bevel, just be sure about that.

It does not take blades of a U-shank type, but it does have a multi-directional clamp for the blade that has a greater hold on the T-shank blade, which means you won’t have any issues with blades being fallen out.

This is another fantastic feature. With this mechanism, changing the blades is simple and you don’t have to touch the hot blade at any point throughout the process. After you have pressed a quick ejection lever and blade insertion, the clamp will then throw out the heated blade.

If you want the best jigsaw which is of the highest possible quality, you can’t go wrong with any of these two options. The plunging system of these jigsaws is intended for lower vibration to promote accuracy and incredibly smooth operation.

It is built with an aluminum gearbox that has an insulated cover, owing to the control of internal precision, it is also engineered for lower vibration. These gadgets are incredibly simple to use and provide a level of precision that is unmatched by those offered by portable power tools.

The fact that these tools are rather weighty, in my view, is a feature to be commended. It indicates that they cut precisely without wobbling or wandering around and are simple to manage. In addition, saws of their magnitude, are very quiet.

Because of their accuracy and precision, these jigsaws are ideal for any person, whether they are professionals or DIY enthusiasts. Also, the barrel grip makes it possible for you to navigate through more congested areas, and it also makes scrolling much less difficult.

The Negative:

Also, a few negative aspects to consider. Some customers were disappointed that the jigsaw did not come equipped with an LED light, which seems like it ought to be a standard component of a product at this price category.

You may be interested in the Bosch JS572EL, which has an LED light, and a precision controlling II dual-roller system. This combination helps to reduce blade turning and ensures great cut accuracy.

Some people had trouble making cuts that were square, but you need to remember that it is exactly the jigsaw to avoid such problems.

It is a hand-held instrument that offers a middle ground between cutting in a straight line or cutting free-hand.

Its accuracy is mostly determined by the blade that you’re using, the working surface you are employing, and most importantly, your hands or the amount of user experience you have.

There are superior instruments available, such as a scroll saw or a band saw, which may be used for precise cutting. Alternatively, a table saw, miter saw, or even a circular saw can be used for straight or angled cuts.

The fact that the Allen key is still needed to alter the angle of the bevel, just as you did with the JS260 type of jigsaw, is another minor disadvantage that is unfortunate. And if you have tiny hands, the barrel is very big, making it difficult to manage, which is especially problematic in this scenario.

5. Festool 300 EQ

You might argue that Festool is the Mercedes of power tool makers, yet there are plenty of different views about the brand as there are individuals who use it. While some dismiss it as an expensive Bosch, few of them can’t stop raving about it.

Festool 300 EQ

Tools Detail Star Rating

Regardless of what you think about it, we believe that this too is the best jigsaw, has amazing features, and will be of great use to any expert or do-it-yourselfer.

However, there is a cost associated with it. Is it worthy of the price? Let’s take a more in-depth look at this to discover.

Powered by a 6 Amp motor (which propels the blade to a maximum of 2,900 SPM. There is no doubt that this jigsaw is up to the challenge of completing any work that you present to it.

From a desert ironwood measuring 11/4 inches to plywood made of birch and pine measuring 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 inches. From sharp angles to rounded corners. It does not have a speed dial, instead, it has a soft start function, and once the jigsaw senses that it has to cut, the speed rises automatically.

You’ll also get 3 different orbital settings, which let you cut through a range of materials quickly, aggressively, or smoothly. In addition, it has two bevel adjustments, hex wrench that is carried on board, and a power cable that can be removed and stored more conveniently or exchanged with different Festool tools.

The Positive:

This is a fantastic illustration of a well-engineered tool, especially considering that the majority of jigsaws struggle to keep their path straight.

Despite curves, the blade will always be held in a perpendicular position to the shoe thanks to a carbide-tipped jaw system that is adjustable and works in conjunction with a blade gripping system and a backup bearing.

This jigsaw includes triple-blade guiding when most other jigsaws only have 1 or 2. As a result, you can be certain that every one of your cuts will be beautiful, clean, exact, and square. Additionally, you can make changes for a variety of blade thicknesses.

This jigsaw come with a changeable splinter guard that has 0% clearance, which may help to reduce the amount of material tearing and splintering that occurs.

It is an excellent feature for cutting without leaving splinters or other debris behind. However, this might make it more difficult to see the cutting line.

The Negative:

There isn’t much else to add here. The jigsaw is smooth running, solidly made construction, strong, and heavy-duty. Excellent balance and the ability to move.

It enables a high degree of precision, which in turn lowers the amount of sanding and shaping that must be done later in the process. The fact that it is not an inexpensive instrument, in addition to the absence of an LED light, may discourage prospective purchasers from making a purchase.

Final Words

In this article, we looked at some of the best jigsaw machines available in the market today.

In 2023, there have been a lot of new features and new models available to buyers who are looking for the best jigsaw.

The priority when buying the best jigsaw machine should be its speed, ergonomics, safety features, and blade types.

Our opinion is that no one jigsaw is ideal for every job. 

There might be a tool that’s perfect for a certain kind of assignment, but just like with everything else in life, you’ll likely have to make some sacrifices.

The above are some of the best jigsaw machines on the market, take a look at them, understand your needs, and make a wise buying decision.