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Best jigsaw Cordless

Best jigsaw cordless – 2024 Guide

By Tools Detail

When you are looking forward to purchasing a jigsaw for sawing, you will have two main options to consider. Either you can go for a cordless jigsaw or settle down with a corded jigsaw. Out of these two options, we always encourage you to stick to the best jigsaw cordless.

That’s because it can provide you with the freedom you want at the time of sawing. Therefore, you can make sure that you are not tied down to an extension cord or an electrical socket.

Best 10 Jigsaw Cordless

Best Jigsaw Cordless – 2023 Guide

Even at the time of looking for the best jigsaw cordless, you will come across multiple options. Finding the best option for them can be a challenging task. This is why we thought of providing some expert recommendations to you. You can go through the options Tools Detail recommend and settle down with the best jigsaw cordless that you can possibly purchase from the market.

1. Prostormer Cordless Jigsaw

Prostormer Cordless Jigsaw

Tools Detail Star Rating

It was difficult not to notice one item when we initially unwrapped the PROSTORMER 20V jigsaw from its packing.

This is a great option available for anyone who is trying to find the best jigsaw cordless.

Compared to its rivals, this saw is substantially heavier. After a few slices, it becomes substantial at a little about 7 pounds. Bevel cuts of approximately 45 ° on each side are available. An acceptable maximum speed is 3,000 RPM.

The blade holder is where this saw falters. The blades are quite difficult to insert and remove. At one time, we believed the blade to be fixed, but while in use, it really flew out. Although it is quite reasonably priced, you still get what you spend in this case.



2. WORX WX543L Jigsaw

WORX WX543L Jigsaw

Tools Detail Star Rating

The WORX jigsaw is reasonably priced for any enthusiast and comes with a 20V battery.

It does provide a technique for replacing blades without using any tools, variable speed, and a number of orbital patterns.

You can see your work thanks to an LED light on the front, which is a wonderful addition. Although it is a little heavier than some other jigsaws, it is still manageable. The fact that this saw doesn’t utilize blades of common sizes is its major flaw! This is a significant flaw that limits how useful this saw can be.

Our saw would rank much better on this list if it wasn’t for this poor error since it really performs rather well. When you are searching for the best jigsaw cordless, you may take a look at this option without keeping a doubt in mind.



3. Ridgid R8832B Jigsaw

Ridgid R8832B Jigsaw

Tools Detail Star Rating

The durable tools made by Ridgid are covered by a lifetime guarantee. This range of tools has a clear disadvantage in that the guarantee can only be honored if you buy it from Home Depot.

This saw feels rather sturdy in your hands.

The servo motor is effective and ought to last a very long time. This is the best jigsaw cordless for anyone who is looking for the utmost quality and satisfaction.

Our cut was incorrect when we kept the saw straight. We looked at it and saw that the blade’s holder wasn’t quite square. This implies that in order to make a straight cut, you must hold a saw at an angle. Although it’s not a deal-breaker, we had hoped for better quality for the price. These two setbacks prevent this instrument from moving further on our list, along with the absence of a guarantee from independent dealers.



4. Teccpo Jigsaw

Teccpo Jigsaw

Tools Detail Star Rating

We didn’t anticipate much considering how inexpensive this TECCPO jigsaw has been priced. Unexpectedly, it proved to be a very good saw.

Although not the finest, it is nevertheless important to highlight.

Although it has a laser guide, we discovered that it was unreliable and incorrect. Additionally, it was challenging to operate the blade retaining mechanism, and cutting with the blades was difficult due to excessive blade movement. The whole saw was shaking and bouncing. If you are searching for the best jigsaw cordless, you may consider this one as a great option.

The specifications are rather good for the price. The motor provides 6.5 amps of power, 3,000 SPM, and six different speed options. It has a maximum cut of 2.75 inches and can bevel 45 ° in both directions. This saw just doesn’t perform as well as many of its rivals while having solid features and respectable specifications.





Tools Detail Star Rating

The PORTER-CABLE PCC650B is compatible with the company’s 20V Max technology, allowing for battery swapping capability. The battery and recharging system is, regrettably, supplied separately. However, given the low price of this saw, that’s not too bad.

This is the best jigsaw cordless that you can purchase and use without keeping a doubt in mind.

This is not the strongest saw available, with a maximum speed of only 2500 SPM, like other cheap purchases. However, it does include a trigger with a changeable speed and three orbital settings. The Porter-Cable can handle the majority of your planned DIY home improvement projects.

The saw also has a dust blower, a tool-free blade release mechanism, and a beveled shoe that permits cuts at an angle of up to 45 degrees. Having said that, we do have a few misgivings. This tool’s battery capacity isn’t as good as it might be. And while we haven’t seen it directly, there have been complaints of the saw’s base being unstable and shaky.



6. Milwaukee M12 2445-20 Jigsaw

Milwaukee M12 2445-20 Jigsaw

Tools Detail Star Rating

This Milwaukee M12 is unquestionably a good option if you’re seeking the most portable jigsaw that can truly do the task. With a weight of about 3.8 pounds, this saw is light and portable.

And given its size, it clocks at up to 2800 SPM, which is rather respectable. Hence, we thought of including it in the list of best jigsaw cordless as well.

Milwaukee had to develop a novel hybrid grip style to accommodate the tool’s tiny size in order to provide optimal balance and control while in use. They did a fantastic job with it, too. The tool was designed in the USA; however, it was really produced in China. So, the M12 is not for you if you’re seeking American-made.

The saw is also lacking a few crucial components while having an LED light and a “fuel gauge” that displays the remaining runtime. It definitely needs a dust blower and comes in the list of best jigsaw cordless, however. Additionally, this saw just lacks the power to effectively cut through heavy chunks of timber. It often bogs down and uses up the battery quickly. However, if you use M12 series equipment at home, the jigsaw may be a good choice. Simply said, we wouldn’t suggest it for any really heavy-duty labor. Choose the DeWalt mentioned above for that.



7. Ryobi P523 Cordless Jigsaw

Ryobi P523 Cordless Jigsaw

Tools Detail Star Rating

If you already own the battery and charger that goes with it, the Ryobi One+ P523 is yet another option that is reasonably priced.

This jigsaw is part of the 18V Ryobi series, which includes a large number of others, and all use the same battery technology.

However, this Ryobi has cut power if that’s what you’re after. You can cut through almost anything swiftly and effectively with rates of up to 3000 rotations per minute. This saw uses a trigger lock mechanism rather than a pressure-controlled adjustable speed trigger. You choose the required speed level for the material you are cutting to make it operate. After then, you may pull the trigger without worrying about moving too quickly or slowly. This is a perfect reason to call this the best jigsaw cordless.

The Ryobi’s adjustable foot is another special feature. You may alter the elevation of the saw’s foot when your blade starts to wear out to allow the blades to shave deeper into to the wood. This extends the life of the cutting tools and enables alternative, sharper edges to cut the wood.

To enhance the cleanliness of the cuts, the Ryobi also has an integrated LED and a dust blower. We would want to see a couple of things modified, however. It sort of eats up the battery. This will need charging a little more frequently than other brands. Additionally, even if the trigger lock is excellent in certain ways, it does not provide us with the total control we want.




BLACK+DECKER BDCJS20C cordless jigsaw

Tools Detail Star Rating

The BLACK+DECKER 20V jigsaw is unquestionably our top selection for value. It is the greatest cordless jigsaw again for money and a very cost-effective solution for anyone on a strict budget.

You don’t need to purchase the additional batteries even if it is a member of a family of powered tools with swappable batteries. The batteries and charger are inexpensive and included with the saw!

The B+D jigsaw is not only an excellent value but also a respectable small saw. This specific saw is designed for straightforward jobs. Its maximum speed isn’t the greatest, which is at2,500 rpm but does offer a ton of helpful functions. The saw has an adjustable bevel for slanted or mitered cuts, as well as a speed control trigger for more precise cutting. We especially like the wire guard that was put to protect the blade & dust-blower while cutting. You can consider this as a great option to consider among the best jigsaw cordless.

The battery isn’t the strongest one on the market, however, and depending on the material being cut, the pace, and the age of the battery, it might deplete rapidly. However, this is unquestionably helpful and cost-effective as a budget saw for minor work.



9. Makita XVJ03Z Jigsaw

Makita XVJ03Z cordless Jigsaw

Tools Detail Star Rating

The Makita 18V LXT Cordless Jigsaw takes second place in our ranking. Makita has positioned itself as the top Japanese power equipment brand, similar to how DeWalt did above.

They are renowned for their capacity to increase power production while preserving the highest level of quality.

Because this jigsaw is a member of Makita’s 18V cordless platform, any other tools in the family may use the same battery. The battery and charger, however, are not offered with the basic tool, much like our top selection. Those must be obtained individually.

For quick, effective sawing, the Makita can cut at rates of up to 2600 SPM. And a frame that weighs just 6.1 pounds contains all of this power (battery included). Its ergonomic design incorporates more than just its minimal weight, however. For maximum comfort, it has a big two-finger trigger.

Makita’s Star Protection Computer Controls is one of our favorite features. These guard against overloading and overheating the saw and keep it safe. Not to mention the included LED that illuminates your cutting path. All things considered, the Makita 18V LXT jigsaw is indeed a fantastic option and the finest entry-level saw we’ve tested this year.



10. DeWalt DCS331B Cordless Jigsaw

Best cordless jigsaw DeWalt DCS331B Cordless Jigsaw

Tools Detail Star Rating

There aren’t many other brands as dependable as DeWalt when it comes to power tools. While searching for the best jigsaw cordless, you may consider going ahead with this brand.

Additionally, their 20V Max Jigsaw seems to do a fantastic job of elevating the DeWalt brand to our top rank.

With speeds up to 3000 SPM, this battery-powered jigsaw has all the cutting power of a plug-in saw without all the limitations that come with a connection. Additionally, it comes with a ton of cool features.

First off, the DeWalt has a keyless blade changing mechanism for simplicity of use when your blades break or are dull. The saw’s primary material of construction is metal. It is heavier than others, but it is more resilient to shocks and jolts.

The DeWalt jigsaw’s variable speed trigger and 4-position orbital blades action combine for a smooth cut without blade sticking, which is even another fantastic feature. In addition, the saw has a dust blower so you can accurately follow your cut line and an easy-to-use keyless shoe tilt for angled cuts.

The fact that the battery & charger are not included with the basic model is, in all honesty, the greatest turnoff about this saw. If you have additional battery-operated DeWalt equipment, however, that’s not that much of an issue. Other DeWalt 20V batteries are easily compatible with the saw.



How to buy the best jigsaw cordless?

When you are searching for the best jigsaw cordless, you will notice that the market is filled with multiple options. To make your life easy, we will list down the most important factors that you must consider at the time of searching for a jigsaw.


Only the blade makes a battery-powered jigsaw effective. With a faulty edge, even the greatest saw would operate badly. It is crucial that the saw has a decent blade on it as a result. Jigsaw blades are included with many of the saws on our list above, although they are not necessarily of the highest quality. If a saw has an excellent edge, you won’t need to purchase as many more items.

It’s not always the end of the world if sawblade doesn’t have a decent edge. A replacement blade may always be purchased separately. However, if your saw is not adaptable to a broad range of blades, your chances of finding a good blade will be reduced.

Additionally, bear in mind how hard it is to adjust the edge of a certain machine. While some saws allow for extremely simple tool-free blade replacements, others need a highly labor-intensive procedure. Generally speaking, less is more


Any material needed for your project should be readily cut using a saw that operates at a fast enough speed. It would be ideal if it had a trigger with a configurable speed so you could change the pace to suit your requirements. You can cut more precisely at slower speeds, while cutting more quickly at greater rates. Speed management is crucial since various materials call for different speeds.

Space Settings

A saw with just an orbital setting makes circular cuts by incising the material just slightly. You can alter an edge’s forward motion using orbital parameters, which have an impact on the pace where the edge cuts. An edge provides more circular motion the more orbital activity it possesses. The blade will cut more quickly but with a coarser finish if the orbital settings are increased. Higher settings will enable you to cut more quickly, while lower settings should be utilized for more precise cuts.


Nobody likes to spend more money than they have to. Any machine you choose must be sold for a fair price since tools may be quite pricey. All of our highly regarded items are provided at reasonable costs and represent a wise use of your hard-earned cash. The cordless jigsaw is a wonderful alternative if you’re on a tight budget. However, in general, you get what you paid for when it comes to saws. Please feel free to spend extra if you can. Just be certain that the saw you are purchasing is worthwhile.

Adaptive Grip

The grip of a saw should be useful and comfortable. The grip must be as comfortable since you’ll be holding onto the saw for a lengthy. The last thing you need is to tire yourself out or injure your hand. A poor grip may render a decent saw almost useless.

Visibility Line

You need to be able to see how you’re cutting while using a saw. Otherwise, you can unintentionally sever your line. Your vision might be rapidly reduced by dust and low lighting. If you can’t see what you’re cutting, the measurements won’t be very useful.

The majority of saws provide many solutions to this issue. First off, a dust blower is a feature that many jigsaws include, allowing you to see what you’re cutting by clearing the dust off the cut line. Naturally, not all dust blowers are created equal. Though some don’t actually work at all, others excel in their endeavors.

Second, certain saws come equipped with LED lights that might improve your ability to see the cut line in low light. This function may be useful if you often operate in dimly light environments. But other than that, it doesn’t really do anything. Most of the time, it’s a useful addition but not always necessary.


Jigsaw saws often have warranties. These guarantees, however, vary significantly from business to business and equipment to machine. In most circumstances, a longer warranty is preferable. It demonstrates that the business backs the item and is prepared to do so if required. To fully understand what is covered, make sure you read the guarantee. It is typical for certain saw components to be unprotected.

Type of motor

Cordless jigsaws now have greater power because of recent technological improvements. Occasionally even outperforms the efficiency of corded versions. The battery it utilizes provides the energy. Therefore, you should consider the battery voltage while searching to purchase a cordless jigsaw. Older versions may use 12V, while newer devices may use 18V, 20V, or even 24V.

Technically, the jigsaw has greater power the more powerful its battery is. The faster the speed measured in strokes per minute, the more energy it possesses. Make that the model you choose has sufficient SPM for any slicing application you choose. The SPM range for the majority of battery-operated jigsaw machines is 2400–3500. The kind of motor is also crucial since brushless models will last longer and have better runtimes.

Battery life

size and type of battery can have a role. Therefore, smaller 1.5 Ah normal batteries won’t last as long as ones that are 5 or 9 Ah. For optimum performance, the most recent models with upgraded technology will also avoid overheating and maintain communication between the device, charger, and battery.

Variable speed settings

Because it enables more control and more accurate cuts, variable speed is vital. The most sophisticated jigsaws contain an extra speed dial that enables you to set your speed at exactly the same level each time, while cheaper ones regulate it by the trigger. If you are searching for the best jigsaw cordless, you should be careful to pay attention to this tip as well. It will surely help you to end up purchasing the most perfect option out there in the market.

Blade roller guide

Another crucial aspect is the blade roller guide. It maintains the blade square to the substrate and prevents it from bending. With a slot between both the guide and the blade, it maintains the blade and ensures its precision. The fundamental roller guide is included in less expensive, simpler jigsaws. A precision roller guide is often included in the top cordless jigsaw models, which facilitates precise cutting.

Space Settings

The orbital setting, which is common even in budget versions, enables the cut’s aggressiveness to be modified in accordance with the blade being used in the slicing application. It causes the blade to move up and down as well as backward and forwards. The settings range from zero for a slower, smoother cut, to three or four cuts.

Length of Stroke

You can see here how high and how low the blade travels. The range is 3/4 to 1. A jigsaw blade cuts more quickly the longer its stroke is. Most people who are searching for the best jigsaw cordless often tend to ignore minor details like this. Make sure that you don’t forget it, so that you can end up securing amazing results

Tool-Less Modifications

The time it takes to replace a blade for cutting angle is decreased by features such as weapon blade change and tool-less blade adjustment. Even the most affordable cordless jigsaws have tool-free blade replacement, but the lowest ones still require an Allen key to adjust the shoe beveled angle.

Dust Control

This essential feature aids in preventing dust from entering the cutting line. Jigsaws often create less sawdust than power sanders, but you still don’t want it getting in the way when cutting. Budget saws will include a dust blower to clear the obstructions. For connecting the tool to the workshop dust or vac extraction system, more costly versions could contain both the dust blowers and the dust extraction connection.

Grip Design

The barrel type, as well as the d-handle style of handles/grips, are the two most common. Although both have advantages and disadvantages, most users will favor one over the other. Some kind of rubber over-mold is placed over the handles or grips to increase user comfort and tool control. Ergonomic designs will ensure that you have a secure grasp on the instrument, ensuring user safety and the precision of the cuts. The instrument must be pleasant to use above everything else, particularly if you want to use it regularly.


Low vibrations not only result in a smoother final cut, but they also have less of an effect on your fingers, which is important if you use the tool for extended periods of time.

Slicer Blades

A T shank, as well as a U-shank, are the two-blade shank types that may be used with a jigsaw. The portion of the blades that are secured in a blade clamp is called the shank. Only T-shank blades can often be installed in current jigsaws, which makes tool-free blade clamp changes much faster. Nevertheless, you may still come across some of them who will accept both.

You may choose the jigsaw blades in best jigsaw cordless you need for your tasks after you understand the kind of blades shank that jigsaws accept. The sort of cuts you wish to make as well as the material you’ll be cutting will determine the blade’s material and TPI. For cutting wood, metal, or ceramic materials as well as for making straight, scroll cuts, and curves many blades are offered.

Other Qualities to find the best jigsaw cordless

LED lighting will simplify your life even when it is not necessary. However, sometimes it’s impossible to prioritize having a well-lit workstation. There won’t be a light on cheap models. So be prepared to invest some money in your machine if you absolutely need one. Adjusting the shoe bevel enables cuts at various angles down to 45 degrees. Onboard blade storage enables simple replacement of the blades while keeping them accessible and tucked away in a secret compartment.


Should I stick to a brand when looking for the best jigsaw cordless?

When selecting a new cordless jigsaw, this really is true of utmost importance. The majority of respectable manufacturers group their saws with other power instruments that use the same battery & charging mechanism.

Because of this, a large number of the saws on this list don’t really contain a battery or charger. You purchase a battery for the whole set of tools, not just one. Therefore, buying a single DeWalt would still not make sense if you already own Makita 18V power tools. If you are treated correctly by a specific brand, you may stick to it when you are trying to purchase the best jigsaw cordless as well.

What is the best type of blade to be used in the best jigsaw cordless?

Jigsaw blades may be divided into two categories: T-shank and U-shaped. Because it is often simpler to replace, the former has become more widely employed. The substance they are constructed of, though, is more significant. You won’t make much progress on your project and run the danger of damaging the machine if you don’t use the proper blade.

A tungsten carbide blade is required if you’re planning to cut ceramics. Steel blades are excellent for sawing wood or lightweight metal. For wood floors or metal, you must use a bimetal blade. The TPI number is also important to take notice of. This refers to the blade’s tooth density in inches per tooth. The TPI is lower on softer textiles to prevent ripping by the blade. The TPI is greater for tougher materials since more teeth are required.

Is speed important?

This really relates to the motor’s speed, which is expressed in the number of strokes the jigsaw produces in a minute. Specifically, how many times in a minute the blade rises and falls? Generally speaking, you will be ready to take on a bigger range and a greater quantity of tasks the higher your SPM. However, not all projects need maximum speeds, nor do all profit from their utilization.

For instance, if you wish to cut a complex pattern or a series of curves, you may want the blade to move slower to let you work more precisely. Again, you’ll want to slow down when using a tougher material since it puts more strain on the jigsaw. You may rapidly alter the speed settings without pausing the project by using variable-speed triggers, which are often integrated into the handle.

Orbital Settings: What Are They?

It helps to comprehend how a pendulum works in order to comprehend the orbital settings. It moves obliquely backward and forward. The jigsaw blade functions similarly. When working with various materials, you will have to adjust the blade’s angle. If you don’t, the blade will heat up and deteriorate. By adjusting the orbital setting, you can lessen friction and the risk of the blades overheating.

How much should I spend on the best jigsaw cordless?

You must make your own decision about it. However, in general, if a deal looks too good, it most often is. Even when you may get high-quality jigsaw saws for less money, something must be given up aiding with cost-cutting.

Stick to established brands in this sector since cheaper versions tend to become more basic and maybe not as well built. A model with all the bells & whistles is not necessary, but you also don’t want to waste money on features you won’t really use.

How does the Grip Feel in the best jigsaw cordless?

Getting a strong grip is a crucial skill in this situation. Both safety & accuracy depend on this. Make sure the grip is pleasant to grasp and that it has been developed with ergonomics in mind.

Is There a Visibility Line?

Additionally, visibility is crucial in this situation when looking for the best jigsaw cordless. To get correct results, you must be able to view the cutting edge clearly. If the edge is coated with sawdust, this becomes quite challenging. For the purpose of vision, a built-in fan is a helpful touch. Although it may be quite beneficial in this respect, a saw with an integrated LED light is not required if your workplace has enough lighting.

What Sort of Warranty is Provided?

This often serves as a reliable indicator of how skillfully the thing was created. For at least a year, a reputable business will guarantee that all of the components and the product are free of flaws caused by the manufacturer. For two or three years, the better businesses prolong this. To ensure that you are really completely protected, ask what the warranty restrictions are upfront.

Final Words

It might be challenging to choose the finest cordless jigsaw tool. Buying a cordless jigsaw is no different from other purchases in that there are so many alternatives available that it may be virtually hard to sift through them all.

We created a thorough guide that covers all the bases, from features to reviews, to assist you in making the best choice. We really hope that our evaluations were informative and aided you in making a wise purchase.