9 best hole saw kits

9 Best Hole Saw Kits – Conclusive Buying Guide

By Tools Detail

The hole saw kit is an important tool in the drilling toolkit because it makes it simple for drilling precise holes in a variety of materials, including metal, wood, and ceramic tiles instead of causing damage. They have high-strength steel teeth as well as a hexagonal knife with a diameter of one to four inches, ensuring consistently perfect cuts. Both experts and do-it-yourselfers can benefit from hole saw kits when handling drilling needs. You just need to go ahead and purchase the best hole saw kits out there.

Multiple manufacturers have created models that vary based on features, including blade length, ergonomics, durability, and others, in response to the rising demand for the best hole saw kits. Let’s take a look at 9 such options in detail by Tools Detail and figure out which one you should buy.

1. Bosch Saw Kit

Available to buy, Bosch is an established name that excels across numerous industries. They have excellent products made for professional use in addition to a premium hole saw kit. This is among the best hole saw kits that you can buy as of now.

BOSCH 25-Piece Master Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit HB25M

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The Bosch Saw Kit isn’t the priciest item on our list right now. But surprisingly, it has more pieces than most alternatives.

There are 25 pieces in this kit, 11 of which are different hole saw components that function well with both quick charge and standard arbors.

Each of the saws units comes with a pilot tad that fits into the mandrel easily and makes it immediately usable.

These tools cut more quickly, enabling the user for drilling more holes in each amount of time. It is the best option for a mass manufacturing application because of this. Additionally, the threadless structure helps to avoid operational obstacles. Each hole saw features a strengthened shoulder that adds to its strength & lengthens its lifespan. The saws are constructed of an alloy with 8% cobalt, which increases their resistance to high heat and friction.

2. Greenlee 660 Saw Kit

A very exclusive brand that specializes in tools and equipment for specialized uses is called Greenlee. Look into the hole saw equipment from Greenlee if your requirements are similar. This option is getting popular among people who search for the best hole saw kits as well.

Greenlee - Carbide Cttr, Quick Chge, 6Pc, Hole Making (660)

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From the selection of best hole saw kits available right now, the Greenlee Kit is the least expensive option.

Considering that the box only contains a 7-piece set, the cost will be expensive. There are five distinct hole saw units inside the kit, which.

No other hole saw kit currently available to buy has the carbide material that each one of these units is constructed from. As a result, the kit may be used on a range of tougher materials that Bi-metal units find difficult to easily penetrate.

The Greenlee Cutter Hole Saw Kit contains several hole saw units, each of which has a flange to stop the user from over-drilling the workpiece. When the hole is done, an ejector spring immediately removes the stopper. By eliminating back-to-back applications, much time is saved. This is a feature that you can see in the best hole saw kits. The hole saw units’ carbide teeth provide optimal performance and greater durability, which is appropriate given their pricing.

3. Milwaukee Saw Kit

If you have a limited budget, you should choose a brand such as Milwaukee because it offers you a quality product at a reasonable cost. The following Milwaukee hole saw a kit is a comparable option.

Milwaukee 49-22-4025 13-Piece General Purpose Hole Dozer Hole Saw Kit

Tools Detail Star Rating

Finding the tools that offer the most for your money can be challenging, especially if you’re looking for tools with a lot of power like hole saw kits. For these tools to function for an extended period of time, high durability and strength are required.

Such a hole saw kit is available from Milwaukee within a respectable price range with the model number. This 13-piece hole saw kit was created with a longer life and quicker cutting process in mind. There are nine different saw unit sizes included, and they are suitable for the majority of applications.

For increased strength and durability, everyone out of these best holes saw kits has RIP guard teeth that were specifically created with greater density steel behind the cutting edge. So, these tools include a lifetime tooth tear warranty, which is fantastic given that they are heavy-duty toolsets. On the other hand, faster cutting speeds are possible without any issues thanks to the low tension as well as thermoset paint.

4. Spyder Metal Saw Kit

Spyder is a company that creates a broad selection of options, in contrast to the majority of the products mentioned on the picks today. If you have a limited budget, its hole-cutting kit is a respectable option.

Spyder 600887 13 Piece Bi Metal Steel Hole Cutter Saw Kit with Blades and Arbors

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If you’re looking for a fast-hole saw kit at a reasonable price, your search is over.

Due to its ability to cut holes up to five times faster than its rivals, the Spyder 600887 is indeed the best hole saw kit for the requirements.

It has a quick core eject innovation that, once the procedure is finished, ejects the plugs with just a button press. The Spyder 600887 can be used with a wide range of materials, including plaster, metal, plastic, and wood.

13 distinct parts are included in the Spyder 600887 hole saw set, making it one of the best hole saw kits. You now have nine different hole-size options for use in various materials. Additionally, Spyder has included universal arbors in the set that can be used with almost any hole saw machine you might acquire in the future. Along with the remaining parts, there are 8/10″ long arbor adaptors and 8/10″ long hex pilots.

5. Diablo Saw Kit

Diablo is among the more recent brands on the market at the moment to offer the best hole saw kits. Therefore, you may not be acquainted with it. However, this is the reason why the Diablo kit is currently among the most reasonably priced options.


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Comparatively speaking, Diablo’s saw kit is less expensive than other options we’ve included in this selection of best hole saw kits. The set has 14 parts, making it simple to make holes of eleven various sizes.

These saw devices have a single pass cutting depth of around 2 3/8 inches. This boosts the efficiency of the process by enabling you to create holes that are up to 40 percent deeper.

The Diablo comes with 5/8-inch pilot bits as well as a threaded adapter that fits safely within the size range of 11/4 inches and 6 inches. The secondary 12-inch threaded adapter, likewise, is appropriate for diameters between 9 and 3 inches. Additionally, Diablo included tool-free plug ejection, greatly simplifying use. When compared to comparable saw parts, Diablo saw pieces have a cutting life that is over 20 more times.

6. DEWALT Saw Kit

If you have ever looked for a machine or tool for an operation, you must all be familiar with DeWalt. Since more than ten years ago, DeWalt has offered decently high-quality equipment and tools, and its hole had seen kit is no exception.

DEWALT Hole Saw Kit, 14-Piece (D180005) , Yellow

Tools Detail Star Rating

Our next choice in the list of best hole saw kits is from the reputable company DeWalt. Due to the kit’s total of 14 pieces, the DEWALT Hole Saw Kit offers you the best return on your investment.

You will find 11 very sturdy and user-friendly standard saw sizes here.

Every one of these saws features a C clamp design. As a result, you don’t need any tools to install any one of these saw components on your machine. Additionally, this lengthens the saw’s lifetime by decreasing surface damage.

Additionally, the kit includes bushings that are noticeably taller than those found on typical hole saw kits. These saw units will provide the highest accuracy because they work with alignment windows. To make sure it works with your machine, the kit includes two adjustable casings that accept all common backsets. This is an impressive feature to find in the best hole saw kits.

7. Hardened Hole Saw Kit

Since MILWAUKEE’S is a very expensive alternative for workshop tools, we have chosen to include it on our list of best holes saw kits today. The next hole saw kit from Milwaukee’s includes most parts and sizes.

Milwaukee 49-22-4185 All Purpose Professional Ice Hardened Hole Saw Kit 28 Piece

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Another perfect hole saw kit made for professional, as well as commercial use, is in position two. The Milwaukee kit is made up of 28 different pieces, 22 of which have different-sized holes for saws for best use.

Overall, the Milwaukee kit is extremely user-friendly and strong. As a result, even after frequent use, you may anticipate a very long lifetime for everyone out of these items.

In contrast to units in best hole saw kits that aren’t, each hole saw component in this set has been individually ice-hardened to extend its lifetime by up to 50%. For increased durability, Milwaukee chose the Matric II teeth design for its teeth. Additionally, the tooth features a good rake angle that facilitates penetration and quickens cutting. The Milwaukee kit is constructed with a reduced tooth for a uniform stress concentration to ensure that the tooth does not wear off quickly.

8. Lenox Tooth Hole Kit

Lenox has long provided its clients with the professional needs they require. Here, you’ll discover a fantastic Lenox hole saw kit.

LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit, Speed Slot, 26-Piece (308042000G)

Tools Detail Star Rating

The LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit is our top selection for the finest hole saw kits and is ideal for demanding professional applications. It consists of a total of 26 different pieces and can be used for many different things, including welding, construction, and the automotive industry.

When compared to earlier Lenox hole saws, these designs by Lenix are almost twice as durable.

This set comes with 20 various hole saw sizes, most of which are relatively regular and used often. Each one of these saws has a thicker wall, which enables it to withstand much more stress before completely deforming. These saws from Lenox have ideal teeth that easily cut through most of the metal. Longer, as well as equally sharper teeth, allow for more precise cutting and faster plug ejection. Hence, we strongly recommend this as one of the best hole saw kits.


The most frequently used brand to enter our picks today is SUNGATOR. This is understandable given that SUNGATOR offers the best opening saw kits at the lowest possible price.

Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit, SUNGATOR 18-Piece General Purpose 3 4 to 2-1 2 Set with Case. Durable High Speed Stee

Tools Detail Star Rating

The most affordable option available on the market right now is the SUNGATOR Hole Saw Kit. However, it is made of high-quality materials to fend off corrosion and rust.

The 10 supplied saw units are each 2 mm thick, giving them at minimum 50% more robust than saw units that are thinner.

These saw machines create razor-sharp teeth, which make them ideal for cutting holes in metal. Every incision that was made was precise, clean, and ranged in depth from 43 to 50 mm.

Apart from the hole saws, the full SUNGATOR Kit consists of 18 pieces, including a pilot drill, a huge mandrel, a tiny mandrel, as well as a medium adapter. Hence, you will notice it as one of the best hole saw kits. This kit is extremely simple to use because of the extra mandrels for various sizes. You will also receive a sizable crying case that is ideal for fitting all these elements inside.

How to buy the Best Hole Saw Kit?

When you are about to buy the best hole saw kits, you will notice that different options are there to consider. This is a guide on how to settle for the best option.

Check Material of Construction

Different hole saw metals, such as steel, cobalt, carbide tipped and tungsten carbide, are available to tunnel through various stock materials. Due to the kind of artifacts, you are using, choose the hole saw the content.

The best option for drilling through wood, plastics, or fiberglass is a steel hole saw. This is a more robust but less expensive choice designed to work with somewhat more difficult materials.

Saws with cobalt holes are stronger and harder than steel, making them ideal for drilling through tougher and more dense materials. Typically, heat will cause the drills to progressively get duller and soon wear out.

Inspect Blades

The blades of a hole saw that comes with a carbide tip will remain more robust, sharp, and long-lasting. While tungsten or titanium-tipped saw blades are said to be the greatest all-around since they can effectively cut through many kinds of material. Thus, these two components are often seen in saw kit construction.

For cutting a hole in hardened steel like ceramic, glass, tile, porcelain, or limestone slate, best hole saw kits with diamond blades are the ideal solution.

Hole Width

A hole saw kit often includes bits in a range of diameters to meet different jobs. As a result, it guarantees that you may use the sawing bit to create the precise size hole needed for the job. Because hole width determines how big a bit can generate the hole, it is crucial to take this into account when purchasing this saw kit. If you are purchasing a single-hole saw, be sure the hole width is appropriate for the job or activity at hand.

Hole Saw Sizes

Prior to making a purchase of a hole saw kit, it is crucial to be aware of the saw widths that are included. This reveals what needs to be done to get ideal outcomes. With a hole saw kit that contains a variety of sizes, you can simply complete several projects, such as pet homes, lighting fixtures, or doorknobs.  Most of the time, best hole saw kits are utilized for metal, plastic, or woodworking.

Best hole saw size

Most of the residential plumbing is less than 2 12 inches, however, sometimes it is necessary for drilling holes for plumbing that need a hole saw that is larger than this range. Therefore, this explains why the biggest bit included in the majority of hole saw kits is 2 12 inches.

If you require for drilling a hole bigger than 2 12 inches for any specific reason, you must choose a package that includes enough hole saw kits to suit your needs. It isn’t your essential or preferred alternative if it cannot drill sufficient holes to meet your needs. We advise you to be aware of the biggest hole you intend for drilling or cut, and to check that your selected kit has the appropriate bits, even if they are huge in size.


When inspecting the hole saw’s teeth, two key factors to consider are TPI as well as tooth design. You will be guided by both factors in making the right choice.

The term TPI or teeth per inch describes the saw blade’s tooth count available per inch. This TPI grade will affect the speed & quality of your cut as well as the kind of material that the specific saw can readily cut through. Therefore, it is crucial to think about it while selecting the hole saw. These saws have square or standard-shaped teeth, with square teeth being the best choice for cutting through hard surfaces such as metal or ceramic.

Blade Diameter

The hole saw kit comes with saw blades in a wide range of diameters to assist you to complete several projects quickly. These blades would typically have a diameter between 3/4 to 4 34 inches. For simple plug removal after drilling or cutting, the blade includes open holes on its side. The saw kit includes at least ten saw blades, materials, and a selection of harbors for holding different blade diameters.

Saw Arbors or Drill Chucks

You must consider the variation in size between the arbor and chuck of the saw kit. Arbors of various sizes are included inside the kit to accommodate hole saws of various diameters. If you only have a small drill with a quarter-inch chuck, your options may be limited to a type of hole saw that it can accommodate.

Most of the best hole saw kits have a maximum range of 2 12 inches, and arbors for these bits will fit easily all drills with a typical 3/8″ chuck. Use large arbors over this size, which call for a drill with a 12″ chuck. When purchasing the best hole saw kits, be careful to also consider the drill size of the chuck to ensure that the kit you choose will fit your drill precisely.

Drill Bits

Like pilot bits, the same drill bits included within the saw package will fit precisely in the center point of the circular blade and serve as a guide to position the cutter in the middle type of material. When a drill bit breaks or becomes worn out, the user can fall back on the many bits in the saw kit.

These bits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the longer part being more useful for securing the hole saw towards the material. Shorter drill bits offer more stability and less flex, making them ideal for working with hard materials.

The selection of the best hole saw model might be a little difficult since there are so many models available, and they all differ in terms of size, construction quality, and form. Some hole saws are much more likely than others to carry out duties. Therefore, when purchasing a hole saw, you should be aware of its intended usage or purpose, such as drilling holes in metal or in drywall or wood. After learning the true purpose, choose the saw made to cut through material at the store and online market.


Another aspect to consider before purchasing the best hole saw kits is durability. When constructing a hole saw kit, handle the building supplies and saw blades carefully. With little maintenance and appropriate usage, this will increase its lifetime, dependability, and durability.

We advise you to read the user manual for your individual product to have a full understanding of how to maintain it properly. As a result, it will enable an appropriate setup, preventing you from damaging the hole saw.


The speed of your hole saw is determined by the design and construction of the saw blade. The rapid sorts of blades needed for drilling or cutting through any given material are made of high-speed steel and bimetal. Any power tool’s speed is expressed in rotations per minute or RPM, and the greater the RPM figure, the faster the material may be cut.

The best blades for removing more material with each spin are those with deeper gullets and sharp tooth angles because they cut faster and deeper. This means that this type of blade doesn’t produce clean cuts such as a blade with greater TPI, yet a blade having smaller gullets would ultimately take a very long time for cutting through the material.

Power Source

Because they are power tools, they may be powered by a battery or an electrical outlet. When using one of them outside, a cordless drill is practical and portable, whereas a cabled drill is more potent but less practical.

When compared to a standard drill bit, the hole saw typically requires more power to operate properly. As a result, the corded drill is a potent choice that generates high RPMs and much more torque than its competitors. Additionally, it demands a constant power supply to operate these tools.


How Can a Hole Saw Be Used in An Existing Hole?

Using a hole saw bit with the same diameter as the current hole is the best method for doing this. Cut a plug from some scrap wood, remove it from the saw, and fix it to the larger saw’s pilot part. Make sure the plug is inserted so that it is below the saw’s teeth.

Place it into the hole you wish to enlarge and begin drilling. Because it will continue to screw into the plug as it twists, the plug will stay in place. This accomplishes the task of enlarging the entire. It’s important to remember that a hole cutting only has teeth around the edge and that you cannot widen the hole in the guiding jig.

However, you must line up the guide hole as well as the power drill axis in order to avoid damaging the jig. Before going on to the next region, if you have clips with a quick-release feature, use them to retain the guide in the proper position. You might use a metal component as the guide for durability. Metal is much simpler to impose restrictions with than wood, which is OK but won’t last as long.

Is it possible to use a hole saw to cut through plastic?

Plastic may be sawed with any sort of drill, but you should always make sure you have the proper drill bits before starting the project. It’s possible to chip or harm the material if you utilize the incorrect pieces. The plastic may suffer long-term damage if the edges are not smooth.

How does the drilling process of plastic look like?

When drilling through plastic, keep in mind that you should drill slowly if the hole you want to create is huge. Avoid the temptation to increase speed since the heat created might potentially melt the plastic. Fix the plastics to a sturdy, smooth surface before drilling, then support it with more wood beneath. The possibility of chipping on the bottom is decreased since the drill will penetrate the wood when you reach the end of the plastic.

It’s also a good idea to use lubrication while drilling plastic, particularly when cutting deep holes. The lubricant will assist in removing dirt and lessen any heat produced. Additionally, because plastic will contract and expand, you should also make sure that the hole you’re drilling is a little bit bigger than the measured signal you make so that screws can move freely. Dowels work best for drilling into plastic because of their ability to produce a smooth cut.

Can a Hole Saw Be Used on Drywall?

A hole saw is among a wide variety of tools that can be used with ease on drywall. Utilizing a hole saw with adjustable parts is the best option. If you don’t have one, a standard hole saw will do. A hole saw bit’s benefit is that it completes the task quickly, saving you valuable time. One reason for this is that unlike with a drywall saw, you simply need to concentric circle just at the center rather than the entire circle using a compass.

Final words

You have come to the correct spot if you need to buy one of the best hole saw kits. Today, we’ve provided you with the top choice among the hole saw kits currently available on the market, along with some advantages and disadvantages of each option. Deciding will become much simpler as you can choose the professionals who best meet your needs. For any additional assistance you may require prior to purchasing a hole saw kit, you can also refer to our buying guide. However, if you need to decide quickly, these top-hole saw kits will work for a variety of applications.

In this article, we helped you with learning more about the best saw kits available out there for purchase as of now. After reading this article and our buyer’s guide, you will have no questions at all about going forward to make the purchase. No matter whether you are learning stuff on your own or you are an expert in the industry, you may follow these tips to end up purchasing the best hole saw kits available out there. This would be a great decision that you will not regret, as you can buy something that is totally worth the amount you spend.